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Will Not Die

cole_dizzle, 07/11/2011
LS Wide Stance 3dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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I have about 230,000 miles on mine. The transmission is starting to go on it, but it was a great little truck. I bought it for $5500 in 2006, with about 130,000 miles, and have been pretty hard on it since then, with no major repairs. Very pleased.

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Great Buy

Big Phil, 10/16/2003
2dr Regular Cab LB
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This truck is a great buy. I have 104,000 miles on my truck and haven't had a single problem. It isn't a flashy truck but it is worth every dollar.

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Long Hauler

Dan S, 02/12/2010
LS 2dr Extended Cab SB
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This truck is a true brawler. I have a 161,000 miles on it and it feels just as strong as when I bought it. I have the 4cyl and 5spd. I have put a yard of wet top soil in the back (not recommended) and she keeps on getting it. Very good truck for the money. I have had to replace- starter, alternator, tires, spark plugs, battery and oil but this truck is strong. Handles for the seatback have snapped they are cheap but motor,drivetrain is very good.

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great but not awesome

Brian, 06/26/2009
LS Wide Stance 3dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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Bought truck new and let me tell you, If you ever owned a Fiero this truck is a Godsend. Yes I have had some problems...driver side seat lever snapped (pot metal design) I have had the ball joints replaced and the fuel relay. also the heater core clogged but I blew it out with some water. the only annoying thing is the abs , which activates in dry weather...pulled the abs but who needs abs it is useless anyhow...I think I have had one time this truck didn't start in 10 years..cause of the fuel me that is a dependable truck..the rest I can deal with.

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Rick, 03/16/2016
2dr Regular Cab SB
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I bought my 2000 Chevy S10 regular cab truck in 2003 and I STILL have it in 2016... It had 12,000 miles on it when I bought it & has 148,000 now.... I"ve replaced a battery & and alternator. OVERALL, I love this truck..I average about 375 miles a tank of gas for a 4 cylinder 5 speed, and it has been mega dependable... AND I DO tow with this truck My trailer is 16'long x 6' wide & I have FILLED it with thousands of bricks and yeah, it's lugging along, but she DOES THE JOB... I'm not planning on getting another truck... I hear stories about newer vehicles & am NOT thrilled with the quality... OH.... I see even newer trucks where the clear coat is peeling & flaking.. I live in Phoenix AZ and I STILL have my nice shine.... THIS truck has been great for me. I would NOT want the larger engine... due to lower gas mileage. I don't drive like a race driver... and I have NO problems merging onto freeways safely at the current speeds... I bought mine at auto auction for $1,200 yes $1,200.

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A bullet proof Chevy

Johnny B, 08/01/2009
LS 2dr Extended Cab SB
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Completely reliable, at least for me, without fail. Not once. I've had her for about 2 years and 31,000 miles, and the only times I've ver been stranded were because of tire problems, and once because of a dead battery. (when I first purchased the truck) it's not fast or flashy, but it gets very good fuel economy, especially if you drive conservatively. When I do I believe I get about 26-27 mpg. Sound system is nothing amazing, but leaves nothing to be wanted either. Abs has always worked properly for me and saved me from a few near-wrecks. This truck is fun on gravel, and good at light off-roading which I have done my fair share of. Simple, effective engineering and a good looking truck.

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Good Truck

black s10, 09/14/2009
LS 2dr Regular Cab SB
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I bought my s10 with 94k. after i bought it the alternator went out. i replaced front pads, rotors, and wheel bearings at 100k. new tires and front ball joints followed at 130k. i've replaced the fuel pump twice. the truck now has 160k with no signs of stopping. its a dependable truck. parts can be pricey but with proper care, the truck will last as long as you want it to. gas mileage is great, its under powered with the 4cyl, but id prefer the gas mileage over the acceleration. if planning on lowering it like i did, be prepared for suspension components to fail.

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2000 ZR2 crumbling away

MrGNMan, 01/02/2007
LS Wide Stance 3dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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Purchased new and maintained religiously by dealer and me. All highway mileage with 75000 on original tires. Got brakes had to replace all 4 rotors? Couldn't even cut them once! Dealer replaced intake gasket with a better design from GM. I have to pay! Transmission had corroded sensors and actuaters $1000 just for parts! Last 6 months $3200. in repairs which should not have been necessary! Had an '89 S10 4x4 that had 275k on it and still was running strong when I sold it for a newer, "better" truck. I'm sure that truck is still going strong. The dealer wants to sell me another truck as a solution! Not!

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I must have got a good one

Colorado ZR2 , 08/30/2009
LS Wide Stance 3dr Extended Cab 4WD SB
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I lucked out and got a good one! The GM shop must have give out bonus checks the morning before this little truck was made. 193,500 miles with no major mechanical problems. Truck does have several small problems but nothing that takes the fun out of driving this "Z". The 4x4 system is great, 5 speed with the ZR2 limited slip, truck will go anywhere in the snow. Interior held up well, seats were covered and look new. No cracks in the dash, all the knobs and buttons still work. The stock rims did break between the lug nuts. I had to sell this truck today because I need more room for a new baby. Wish I could keep it but I bought a new Tundra Crewmax

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Stephen review

Stephen, 04/08/2006
2dr Extended Cab SB
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I have driven this vehicle throughout Germany. I love the truck. It has been 100% reliable. Problems I had were as follows: The recline handles on both seats broke before 30000 miles becuase of substandard metal used where they scew onto. The truck wants to slide easy and traction is not good, despite the tires. After 140,000 I still don't burn oil, I am religious on changes. Also the brakes tend to wear out fast on the front and rotors warp quick. (All GMs seem to do this) I love the body style it is timeless and the 4.3 is a great little engine, but I really dislike the plastic coolant outlet valve on the radiator. Apart from these things shes done me great. Reliable as hell. Wind noise is bad.

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