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Great Gas Mileage/Reliable Car

Mike Steidemann, 09/27/2004
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I have owned two Chevy Prizms. One was a 1998 automatic and the one I own now is the 1999 5 speed LSI. I liked both cars, but I found that the automatic only averaged about 30 MPG while the stickshift averaged about 32.5 miles per gallon. Both cars were very reliable for me. I would suggest either version for a budget tight driver. The Prizm was also built on the same line as the Toyota Corolla and they are basically the same car.

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1999 Chevy Prizm - 4 Dr Base Model

Ess Bee, 05/20/2010
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I bought this car from a family member, with 14,000 mi. on it. I've followed the maintenance manual and have had NO problems! I've had to replace the tires, oil, spark plugs, serpentine belt and battery; the normal maintenance stuff. I had to have the A/C charged a few times - but that only $20. It now has 115,000 miles and has NEVER broken down. It's been a fabulous car! I was informed that it is really a TOYOTA COROLLA with a Chevy name plate on it. Chevrolet and Toyota entered into a Joint Venture and produced this wonderful, dependable car - I wouldn't have purchased it otherwise. And it's great on gas.

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Best car I have ever owned

pteixeira, 09/29/2011
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I bought this car new, ordered it in fact, down to every feature. It was my very first new car. Fast forward 12 years and my baby has 120,000 miles on her and has never let me down. Ever. I replaced the tires a few times, the compressor on the air conditioner and a few minor things, but this car has never left me stranded at the roadside. I still get 35-40mpg. I will drive this car till the wheels fall off. I expect to put on another 100,000 easily.

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mine seems to be a piece of junk

stacyinjax, 03/21/2010
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I bought this car for easy commuting for good fuel economy. It was essentially a Corolla. This means I thought I wouldn't have to put a bunch of cash into it for repairs. WRONG! I have only put 38,000 miles on it and have had to put brakes, a starter, new strut on it. Now the power steering is leaking and transmission are gone. And when I had it at the mechanic the door handle went. I'm so disappointed because I've maintained it. Not to mention that every time I put the air or heat on the noise from the blower is an annoying high pitched whistle! Get blown all over the highway,I'm an old lady and old lady blow by me. Just a hazard. I should have bought the Corolla.

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I love this car!

Mnshine77, 11/01/2008
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I have owned this car for almost 8 years and have never had a more reliable car. I wish I could buy another one and keep it in storage for when this one goes! Seats can get somewhat uncomfortable on long rides and without any cruise control, but this car was built for reliability, not comfort. And my checkbook appreciates that! Words simply can't express how great this car has been for me.

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Just bought this as an extra car.

dmd747, 02/27/2014
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So I just purchased this car used with just a little over 96,000 miles. Gotta say great choice. We've been having a hellish winter here -20's not uncommon followed by 6-12 inches of snow when it warms up. This car has never even hesitated. Mine is the 5 speed and I love the gas mileage. Awesome heat!!! A/C works too. Mine had the usual door handle break off, but the previous owner fixed it. I can't believe I actually enjoy driving this car. I wish the new Corolla wasn't cvt then I'd buy one next year.

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This car will never die

Chevy, 08/29/2016
LSi 4dr Sedan
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I bought this car 1 yr ago with 185000 miles on it,Today it has 205000 and still runs like a top. The transmission shifts very smooth and engine is very strong. I get great gas mileage about 32-35 mpg. I am very happy with this car and would buy another one in the future if i could. The only issue these prism/corollas are known for at high miles is they burn oil. i have to add a quart like every 400 miles, but thats ok because the car is very very reliable and cheap to own otherwise.

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1999 Prizm Lsi

snoopsha1, 10/31/2009
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Bought this car at 150,000 miles in fall of 2008. The ONLY reason I don't have it now is cause a freakin' unoccupied moving truck backed into my poor baby while it was parked. I had to replace the motor mount and compressor. A few months later replaced the front brakes. The engine light stayed on, but I never had any serious issues (gas cap). When I got it scanned the first time it also said the 02 sensor needed replacing, but when I got it scanned again, it said nothing about the 02 sensor, so who knows? put about 14,000 miles on this car. The speakers up front blew, but everything mentioned is nothing too serious My only complaint would be space.

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Great Reliable Car

CharlieM, 04/27/2002
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I bought this car new in 99. Mine has a 5 speed manual and I have had no maintenance problems. All I do is change the oil every 3K miles and put in gas. The milage is so good I hardly use much gas. It easily gets over 30 miles to the gallon. On a long highway trip, I get close to 40 mpg.

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My Prizm rides well!

vtowns, 05/13/2002
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I bought this car in March of 2000, and love the style, the way it handles, and the gas mileage is great! However, it could be more comfortable, the seats are not at all comfortable, and there could be more leg room in the back seat, and it could take dings a little better too. Overall, it's a great car!

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