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Best and first car

danamarie4, 04/05/2012
LSi 4dr Sedan
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I got into a wreck with my 2000 chevy metro the 6th week I owned her. I was driving down a dirt road and hit a deer going around a corner; my metro spun and hit the deer twice. Once up front, once in the back. I spun again and tilted onto my driver side and slid 50ft into the woods and hit TWO trees. When she stood upright my only damage was on my drivers side (Needed new doors which were fixed for $300) I came out of that wreck alive because of how GOOD the Chevy Metro was built. I would recommend this car to any parents looking for a car of their child. A pretty inexpensive car to fix and buy. (Mine was an automatic not a 5 speed but they dont have that option)

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2000 Chevy Metro

Joe in JT, 09/10/2009
LSi 4dr Sedan
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I use my Metro for work throwing newspapers everyday. It's very dependable and gets 32 mpg. The drivers seat springs collapsed and I have to use 3 Sunday newspapers under there so I don't sit on the floor. Also the interior roof liner is sagging, and the cup holder is dangerous as I couldn't put the car into reverse in a quick manner because I had a coffee cup in the holder which blocks the shifter. After I bought the car I had several repairs like a loose spark plug and cv boot and axle. The PNP switch in the trans shifter shorted because previous owner didn't push in the shifter button when changing gears. No problems after that and it has become a reliable car now that I enjoy.

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You get what you pay for

BobbyBrown, 09/23/2002
LSi 4dr Sedan
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I've owned a 2000 4-dr Metro for over 2 years and have driven it to/from work plus two Texas-MN cross cross-country trips, one of them the winter with blizzards and all. I am VERY pleased with my Metro. It's not a Lexus, but it cost a bunch less than one too. It's also no Yugo. It gets me from A-B comfortably, is very dependable, good on gas, etc. Every once in a while I wish I had this or that car instead, but then I think of all the cold, hard $$$ I am saving.

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ooolie, 05/20/2013
LSi 4dr Sedan
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Bought this car used in 2008 with 61K miles. Inspection sticker was from 2003; it hadn't been driven that time. Rusty underneath, but other than that, very fine. Took it off the road for 6 months due to heavy potholes; cost $700 to repair due to being idle (needed brake pads and rotors - I think all 4 wheels). Took tough city streets to work and needed a new rack and pinion ($700). A/C compressor went a year ago, due to having to constantly use the A/C - even in the winter - to get the windshield and side windows defrosted. Other than that, this is a great car and still depended on. You feel the bumps but that's because its a subcompact. Now at 100k miles. Gas mileage about 20 local / 30 highway w/ reg gas w/ auto transmission. Ultimately sent car to junkyard after another 5,000 miles or so because it was summertime and couldn't handle not having a/c. But few years later (in May 2015) bought another one (with 73K miles) -a '98 which has been terrific so far, and was sold in early 2017. That car had an a/c problem but a concerned mechanic replaced this compressor and the whole job was only $400. The '98 actually got about 36 mpg on the highway. The paint was badly faded when I got it. It had been a rental car the first two years and 32K miles, and then driven by an older women in Connecticut for all the intervening years whom had the dealer regularly service it. Sold it because it made me too daring cutting in and out of slow moving traffic. Very good engine. Just bought a Chevy Prizm - same type of car but a little bigger.

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All You Really Need

Ino Rednek, 06/13/2002
LSi 4dr Sedan
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Small Car. Great Mileage.Always starts. Plenty comfortable.Safer than a motorcycle. Keeps rain and snow off head. All you really need!

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