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Yeah mine has 244,000 miles on it

KatieKoolAid, 11/03/2003
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I have had to buy:struts,window motors, fuel pump, blower motor, dimmer switch, brake lines, rear rotors, front rotors, along with break pads and a heater core. My trunk leaks too, which makes for a car that smells like a foot. I can't use my cigarette lighter or my car phone charger in it because it will blow a fuse. My antilock breaks used to go off when I was driving down the road, pulled the fuse on that one. My driver side seat doesn't recline anymore. Than as of last week, air doesn't come out of the vents anymore and my cruise control decided it didn't wanna work anymore.

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Repairs Ouch

FIRE1, 10/01/2002
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Love my Z. Unbelievable to repair. Poor engine compartment design. Everything is so difficult to get at. To replace altenator you have to drop front axle. Timing chain was a $1000 touch. In order to replace battery you have to remove bolted support and washer reservior before accessing battery, Not enough room for battery blanket. Goes like the wind but has a rattly and tinny sound to the muffler as opposed to throaty rumble which would match its look. Despite all, I love it and would not trade it.

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Great First Car

tec, 05/08/2003
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150,000 miles and going strong. Has carried me through snow storms, getting married, having our first kid. Every time I get behind the wheel and drive on the hiway it feels like a race horse wanting to go faster and faster. It's low to the ground, wide wheel base makes it a joy to drive. The speedometer says up to 85mph , but who are they kidding.

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chevrolet lumina z34

Juice, 04/25/2002
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I love ny car,but in terms of reliability and cost to repaier this thing,It is a nightmare.

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Good yet bad?

numcore, 11/07/2008
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OK this car has been pretty good to me. I got very lucky on the whole mileage thing. The person kept it in their driveway for years. That's where the problems started. This car wasn't used to being used every day. Very very costly for everything. Most people can't work on it without special equipment meaning you have to take it to the dealer to get anything fixed. The air alone cost me major dolars not to mention the timing belt.

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highly upset, 07/22/2002
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I will never, ever buy chevy/gmc in life!! It's a pretty car, but the bonus' stop after that. I bought the car used in early july and by late july I needed a new engine. the blinkers never worked correctly for me and the steering column tends to smoke when you attempt to use them. Just got a new altenator, which cost entirely too much for the car. ANY repair for this car will be two time as much compared to any other domestic vehicle because of the way the engine was designed for the car. Even autobody shops hate to see this car coming! Oh and it doesn't even have cup holders.

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Great Looks & Performance- Unreliable

Mr. Schaffer, 07/23/2002
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Great looks, excellent performance, adequate economy. Expensive repairs, faulty engine design, poor factory paint job, cheap flaking decals. Fast, powerful, and beautiful but totally unrelaible.

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Lumina is Awsome

Bob Ted, 08/26/2002
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Luminas are awsome, and mine goes 110 mhp and gets 25 mpg and it has a spoiler.

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Flame red Z34 Chevy Lumina

felicity, 11/07/2002
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This is a great first car! Very nice, sporty, and fun to drive. No major flaws, no rust, or broken parts or excessive wear and tear. Gets you where you need to go. Roomy for a coupe yet can get you in and out of those busy shoping parking lots. The color is flame red, which turns heads. Great for all ages!

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LuLu lover, 06/11/2004
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My mom bought the Lumina(nicknamed Hotmama by friends) new in 1992. It's been an excellent car since then. It has broken a few times(4 alternators) and a few sets of brakes but only left me stranded one time in all 12 years. I would definitely suggest a Lumina to anyone. They're great cars!

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Cheap Thrills!

Car Freak, 07/04/2003
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I absolutely love these cars - I've had over 20 different cars and the Red Hot Z has to be one of my favorites. The "marriage" between the engine & trans is flawless -the performance is unmatched in a mid-size category for the cash. The brakes suffer a bit - changed out every 6 months - but GM is to send out some $$$ to offset. I'm buying another one in a few days - 212,000 miles on my last one! Recommend highly for the teenager or old dude that needs some cheap thrills. Don't let the price fool ya - Oh, & make sure the you get the front bearings checked around 80K-150K. used cars always need some preventative maintanence! Have Fun!

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