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1996 Chevrolet Beretta

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I miss my Beretta!

Andielion, 10/21/2010
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I had my Beretta as a first car for about 8 years until it was just recently totaled. It was an incredibly smooth ride and had very little maintenance issues. It leaked water into the car the whole time I had it, but that did not matter because it's reliability easily canceled out that minor problem. I would suggest a Chevy Beretta to anyone!

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Good Car, but there are downfalls

Mikedonalds, 04/10/2002
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Great car mechanically, I have 121,000 miles and the engine is still strong and peppy. Transmission has been a dream. I have gunned the engine far more than a few times and can outrun (w/ my V6) any Saturn, any neon, or 90's mustang (base model). Downfalls: The paint/primer are of poor quality - very poor. The daytime running lights are a major annoyance, prior to dusk my headlights turn on and off simply by entering and exiting a shady area. Driver side left foot space is crampy and there is no comfortable place for it. Floor carpeting in front and back sucks, ex. staining and fraying. Doors are heavy, actually too heavy. They will start to drag slightly and squeak

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Very Strong Running Car

1996Berettaguy90, 08/27/2008
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I have had this car for 3+ years now, and it is running strong. Has the typical engine knock that all 3100 SFI V6's make, most of them come like that from the factory. This car has made it through 3 minnesota winters, and has come with minor repairs done, mainly to the cooling system. Have gone through an alternator, that is a typical repair in 3100's. This car is constantly put under torture due to my lead-foot driving, and it still runs great. Bought this with 167,000 miles about 4 years ago, and $850 for a car that lasts for 20,000 miles and still runs great is definitely worth it. Perfect first car. Low maintenance costs. I plan to drive this car until it gives up, then rebuild it.

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96' Z26

Chevymuscle218, 12/16/2008
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I bought this Z26 off my brother and have owned it for about 6 months now. The car currently has 220,000 + miles and it runs great. Never burns oil. Steering is getting stiff. The cup holders in the car are not that great. There is no room in the back seats when there is two people up front. You have to have the seat (for me) all the way back so you have some decent leg room, problem is it takes away from the rear passenger space. The 3.1 motor seems to be very reliable athough blown head gaskets seem to be a common problem with them I have yet had this problem. Even though its a Z- 26 I beleive the car has a sporty apperance, but is far from a sporty car and acceleration is not the greatest.

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Great Car!

Jardaz, 01/31/2009
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Awesome car. I have had mine for 3 years. I haven't had any huge problems just the basic maintenance. The car has gone from the Hampton Roads area of Virginia to the outskirts of NYC more times than I can remember. Gas mileage is good and a very dependable car. I wish Chevy still made them. If you come across one and you're looking for a used car, consider it. It's the best car I have ever owned

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