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Expected better gas mileage

D, 07/12/2010
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Reviews on this vehicle seem very inconsistent. Based on my research, people seem to be experiencing problems with transmission fluid turning brown very early on (as mine has), but I haven't come across a lot of actual transmission failures. My biggest problem has been fuel economy. For such a tiny car, I expected better than the 25ish total and much less for city driving. Since there aren't any other real advantages over a slightly larger car (besides cost), I have been disappointed by that. For a car of its size, the trunk is great and there is reasonable room in the front seats. The back is tight but that is to be expected. The egg-shape continues to look dated to me.

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Dependable but Disappointed

bab, 07/31/2010
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I traded in a fully loaded Chevy Impala for this car when gas went above $4 a gallon. The Impala was getting 22 mpg city and was very very comfortable. With the Aveo, what was advertised on the window sticker, is not what I got. I usually get between 25 to 27 in the city and 30 on the highway. I should have kept my Impala. Aveo alarm goes off for no reason. I looked this problem up on the internet an nobody could get dealer to fix. One guy said to lock it with the key instead of the fob and that has resolved my problem 99% of the time. Now the hood latch is broke. Can't open back up at all. I've kept this serviced as required over the years so I'm praying it lasts me 4 to 5 more years.

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I like it!

happy camper, 11/02/2010
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I've owned the car exactly 4 years and like it. Aveo LT was sold out, so I had after-factory door locks, car alarm, & windows put onto car. The car runs great, is fairly low maintenance. I've not had my key stick, or any of the other issues that I see written about. I know when things go wrong, we tend to be more vocal about it, but I wanted you to know that others DO mostly like their Aveos.

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Unbearable Engine Noise on Highway

Anonymous, 12/06/2010
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My biggest complaint on this car is: it desperatly needs another gear. I believe it was built for roads in it's home country of Korea because it is comfortable and quite until you hit 70MPH+ Then it is tough to control in all but ideal wind conditions and extremely noisey. It stands at about 3500 RPM when driving 72MPH. This generates unacceptable cabin engine noise. Another factor begging for another trans. gear is the only mediocre gas mileage on the highway. I usually get 35-36 on the highway. When I drive 60 on back roads I can get 40MPG, so I know the car is built for a lower operating speed. Look for an escort, fusion, or malibu; they are designed better for highway driving.

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European feel

tony, 08/03/2005
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I love it. I came out of a gas hog truck that got 13 mpg and now I'm getting about 40 mpg. So far so good, and I have not been back to the dealer except for an oil change. I bought an extended warranty so I'm not worried. Not a quick car, but safe.

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