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Still kicking at 210,000

ryancallahan, 10/23/2012
Custom 4dr Sedan
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My odometer is sitting at 210,000. This car was well maintained. The only, and I mean only problem with this car is the power window motors. The two rear ones are burned up. Locked them in the up position. Other than that, nothing has been replaced, nothing at all. Just replaced the battery for the first time at 205k (as far as I know). That's it, most reliable car and engine I've ever known.

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Great for poor students

Andi, 11/29/2017
Custom 4dr Sedan
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I am a second year college student and have owned my 2000 Buick Lesabre for over a year now, getting it when it had a little less than 123K miles and I now have over 130K miles on it. Even though everyone tells me it is an old person car, I love my Buick. I have driven it over 600 miles one way to college (with a trip back to home and then back to college in-between) and I haven't seen many problems. Recently, my mass air flow sensor went out and it started driving horribly, but I bought the piece for $150 and it took me less than two minutes to replace it and now it drives great. I love how smooth of a ride it is and how comfortable the ride is. I also love having the bench seat up front in-case I need to drive five other people somewhere. My few complaints about the car include the broken fuel level sensor (I've gotten accustomed to just keeping track of how many miles I have driven and just fill up every 300 miles), both rear window regulators went out (I was able to buy the parts for about $150 each and replaced them myself), and the front passenger control arm was rusted out pretty bad (I had this replaced by an auto repair shop). The fabric on the roof of the car is starting to fall, but I just put adhesive on it and called it good. It is a hunky car, which I am not a fan of, and it does not turn well at all (I end up having to do Y-turns or multiple turns). I love the trunk space, especially to haul everything to and from college. Overall, I love the car, I got it for pretty cheap at $1300 (great for being on a college budget and having no help in paying for a car) and it has done its job of getting me to different places and it is pretty reliable. **Update: Unfortunately, I had to scrap my Buick about two months ago (June 2018). When I brought it in to my mechanic to see if it would make a long road trip, they noticed a 12 inch hole in my structure near my front driver's side wheel. Because of this, my mechanic said that it was a very unsafe car to drive much further than local driving. However, this isn't because the car was not built right, it's because I live where it snows and ices very often, causing the car to rust from salt and snow. I still loved that car and was extremely sad to let it go.

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Better than the 1999

cranecreek, 02/20/2002
Custom 4dr Sedan
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Much better than the previous design, a pleasure to drive. 30 mpg is real. Problems are the center console and early strut problems. The dash rattles like the older la sabres,but all in all at 40,000 miles its been a great car.

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Great but watch window assembly

smgbjl, 09/21/2009
Custom 4dr Sedan
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I bought my Buick new in 2000, it has been great for long trips as well as city driving. Having owned it now for 9 years the only problem I've encountered is the power window regulators which make the windows go up and down. I had to replace all 4 of them. They run about $400.00 installed. Thank God I sell cars for a living so I got a discount on labor and parts. Other than that one problem the car has been great!

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Great car. Very solid

Jason Waddoups, 04/13/2016
Limited 4dr Sedan
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This has been a great car. Purchased at 135k previous care unknown. Currently at 245k, runs and drives great. 22/32 which is great for its size. Rebuilt transmissioin at 180k, starter, vacuum hose leak, battery, tires, gas guage was out when purchased. Use trip counter for fillups. Dual climate system on passenger side would randomly stop working, then start back up again. No repairs done. Center console flip broken hinge. Of the 3 keys, two of the chips went bad and the car stopped recognizing them. It has been a very solid car. Always starts, never left us stranded. The engine is strong and shifts smoothly. If is fantastic in snow and ice. Went through snow covered mountain passes every winter without problem. Does better than friends Outback and MDX. The ride is smooth and only the biggest potholes are felt. I have never been in a car that rolls as well as this one does. When I take my foot off the gas, you can't tell. The car keeps rolling without the noticeable slowing experience in other cars. At 80mph, on a flat road, it takes about 30 seconds for the car to slow to 70. It is like there is no resistance. It gains speed on any and all downhills. I never thought I would enjoy driving a Buick. It is now one of the top companies for customer service and reliability. Brother has a 2006 Rendezvous that is about to hit 250k and has been very reliable. Maybe I'll try the Enclave next.

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