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1989 Buick Electra Estate Wagon

silveeto, 09/12/2013
4dr Wagon
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I bought this car in 2011 with only 77,000kms on it (48,000 miles). All original, unaltered and in near mint condition other than a fried interior blower circuit for the a/c and heat (huge pain in the ass). Aside from that I LOVED this car and regret selling it.

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my wagon

ultra_bizkit, 12/04/2002
4dr Wagon
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I bought this as my first car. It was a great car I never had any engine problems with it and it has 170000 miles on it. My only complaint is the poor gas mileage. It is great for going places with all of your friends and is always and attention getter. So if you want to be different and can afford the gas mileage this is your car!

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my experience

wagon nut, 05/15/2004
4dr Wagon
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i bought this car with 160000 miles on it and have never had any engine or mechanical problems with it. the only thing i ever had to do to it was replace the valve gasket. this car is extremly reliable i never had any problems with it.

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The nightmare of buying a car online.

hottoddy, 04/08/2018
4dr Wagon
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I bought this 1990 Buick Estate wagon on ebay. First mistake? The pictures & the sales pitch looked like a fantastic buy of a 58k car at $3000? After the hassle with shipper. wagon finally arrived 2 weeks later. My Parents always had wagons that were fantastic for Vacations & Road trips. I have owned several wagons myself. Like my Parents, All GM built Wagons. The weakest part of owning a wagon? The rear windows are never clean. Then add Snow Water & mud. Difficult to see what is behind the Wagon on clear days. Then add the mix of dirt. I remember hauling 4x8 sheets of plywood with back seat down to re-roof home. The day trips with 9 Cousins to parks to swim or to see the Astronauts. No car seats. Well wagons were the best family car ever made. I love how GM made the station wagons like rolling tanks. But drove smooth on almost any road. Interstates is where they shined. Smooth flowing rides with a trailer too. I prefer a 4 door sedan ride & comfort no mater who manufactured them. Most all the stations share parts with 4 door sedans or hard top. Mercury & Mopar had a station wagon hard top. Beautiful for 1960's. Yes I love real Station wagons. They are the best vehicle for a family & a salesmen. Remember riding in our softball coaches wagon to practice. The whole team in his on the road office. The only disadvantage of station wagons? The windows are like a greenhouse & a great place for thieves to go window shopping. Just be careful buying a old wagon. Don't do like I did & bought my last wagon. Electrical was all cut up. It took me 3 months to find & resolve most of the issues. Still working on the 90 Buick estate wagon. Replaced the carb & distributor to resolve trouble codes. Still there. So go back to the original mechanical Carb & Ignition. Holley carb & vacuum advance distributor. Starts first crank every time. Runs smooth & better gas mileage. Now replacing all front end parts due to rust & damage due to a car crossing center line hitting me head on. Plus need more electrical work. Windows leak & the windshield is loose due to dry rot. Not sure of the reason of the repaint of my wagon. All front end parts are painted with a latex paint? I can't find a body shop to paint my Buick Estate wagon. Guess I have to be a friend or club member to get work done? One estimate is $5000 for body work & paint prep. Then a additional amount to cover paint & primer supplies? The 1991 Buick Estate wagon is FOR SALE. $5000 as is. I remove the wheels tires & carb to return to stock $4000.

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