Another Small Roadster From Daihatsu

Another Small Roadster From Daihatsu

2011 Tokyo Auto Show

Just the Facts:
  • Japanese minicar specialist Daihatsu plans to unveil its D-X roadster concept at the upcoming Tokyo auto show.
  • The automaker also will show its two-passenger Pico electric car concept.
  • A more futuristic concept is the fuel-cell-equipped FC ShoCase.

TOKYO — Count on Japanese minivehicle specialist Daihatsu, a member of the Toyota group, to come up with some novel approaches to small cars. Case in point: The Daihatsu D-X (pronounced D-Cross), a plastic-bodied roadster powered by a tiny, turbocharged two-cylinder engine.

The company that has built such charming two-seaters as the Copen and the Cappuccino will formally unveil the D-X and two other intriguing concepts late this month at the 2011 Tokyo Auto Show, under the umbrella theme "Big Answer from Small."

The D-X features a minimalist cockpit and an exterior that "can be modified into a variety of types by swapping out parts of its resin-based body," according to Daihatsu.

Under the plastic skin beats a turbocharged two-cylinder direct-injection gasoline engine which, Daihatsu says, "strikes a balance between the joy of driving and fuel efficiency."

The Pico EV commuter seats two in tandem and is designed to fit in small spaces. Equipped with large openings and a low, flat floor, the car is aimed at both aging consumers and small businesses making urban deliveries, and is fitted with radar-based driving assistance systems. Daihatsu says the Pico "represents a new category of vehicle positioned between light automobiles and motorized bicycles."

The most advanced of the Daihatsu concepts for Tokyo is the FC ShoCase, which features a compact liquid fuel cell that fits under the floor and uses no rare metals. The FC ShoCase has a flat floor, with additional free space when the steering wheel and seats are stowed. says: Another knockout from Daihatsu.

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