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2013 New York Auto Show: 2014 Jaguar XJR

2013 New York Auto Show

What Is It?
2014 Jaguar XJR

What's Special About It?
BMW has M. Mercedes has AMG. Audi has RS. Cadillac has V.

Jaguar wants to be added to this list with its R designation.

The latest toy out of Jaguar's skunkworks go-fast division, the 2014 XJR takes everything that's right about Jag's big sedan and pumps it up to, well, not quite 11.

Fitted with a supercharged 5.0-liter V8, the 2014 Jaguar XJR produces 550 horsepower and 502 pound-feet of torque. All that juice goes to the 20-inch rear wheels via an eight-speed automatic transmission and active locking electronic differential. These are big numbers, but we've seen them before out of Jag with this very same powertrain in the XKR. In this big sedan, this translates to a 0-60 sprint of 4.4 seconds and a top speed electronically limited to 174 mph. The computer in the XJR has been tuned for the sporty driver as well. Shift points are up and the car can sense aggressive driving and tailor the shifting to match your style. Or the driver can simply grab one of the wheel-mounted paddle shifters.

But this isn't just a big engine in a big sedan. Jag has added functional aerodynamic elements to further differentiate the 2014 Jaguar XJR from the pedestrian XJ. There's a new front splitter, rocker sills and a small rear spoiler helping to keep the XJR planted. New hood vents keep things visually and thermodynamically cool.

Jaguar has also spent time on famed racetracks like the Nurburgring (where it has a development center) to tweak the car's handling characteristics. Jaguar Adaptive Dynamics is a fancy term for variable dampers that offer a stiff dynamic mode. The steering on the XJR has also been modified to "enhance steering feel, response and feedback." No complaints there.

What Edmunds Says:
Subtle but aggressive, this is how the XJ should've looked and performed all along.

Base Price: $116,000-$119,000
Engine: 5.0-liter supercharged V8
Gearbox: Eight-speed automatic
Power: 550 horsepower @ 6,500 rpm, 502 pound-feet @ 2,500-5,500 rpm
Fuel Mileage: 15 city/18 highway mpg

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