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2014 Los Angeles Auto Show: Lexus LF-C2 (FAQ)

2014 Los Angeles Auto Show

What Is It?
Lexus LF-C2 Concept

What's New About This Model?
The Lexus LF-C2 is a concept car that could be a prelude to a new Lexus convertible.

When Does It Go on Sale?
The LF-C2 is officially a design concept, and Lexus hasn't telegraphed any intention to produce it. It's not a leap, however, to imagine this design evolving into a convertible version of the new Lexus RC 350 Coupe. With the coupe shipping to dealers now, a convertible could arrive in mid-2015 as a 2016 model.

How Much Does It Cost?
The LF-C2 Concept won't be for sale, but an RC 350 convertible could be. If it makes production, we'd expect the convertible to tack on an open-top premium (perhaps around $2,500) to the coupe's $42,790 starting price.

How Many Body Styles and Trim Levels Are There?
The LF-C2 is shown in only one body style: a 2+2 roadster, with two large front seats and two smaller rear jump seats. We'd expect any forthcoming convertible to offer something closer to full-size rear seats.

What Kind of Engines and Transmissions Does It Have?
Assuming the LF-C2 makes production as the RC 350 convertible, we'd expect it offer both a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine and a 3.5-liter V6. Both engines would likely pair with an eight-speed automatic transmission.

What Unique Features Does It Offer?
The LF-C2 concept allows Lexus to stretch its design themes and in-car technology. The concept features the current "spindle grille" design, backed with braided mesh that changes appearance according to angle and light. Triangle-shaped LED headlights, chrome-covered quad exhaust tips, 20-inch wheels and aggressive bodywork give the concept a bold, low-slung style, but any production model will look tame by comparison.

A central display controlled by a touchpad replaces analog climate and stereo controls in the concept. Expect any RC convertible to follow a more traditional, tactile approach.

What Models Will It Compete Against?
Audi A5 Convertible: The style leader, the A5 offers one of the most refined interiors in the class, along with innovative infotainment features, but is only offered with a turbocharged four-cylinder engine.

BMW 4 Series Convertible: It sets the standard for open-air motoring in the segment. The 4 Series blends luxury, performance and tech convenience, but options quickly cause the base price to escalate.

Infiniti Q60 Convertible: The Japanese rival to any potential Lexus convertible offers a muscular V6 and quick handling, but suffers a severe shortage of cargo space.

Should You Wait for It?
If the idea of motoring in the sun and wind, in a stylish, refined small convertible appeals to you, an RC 350 convertible based on the LF-C2 concept could be worth the wait. Its competitors, meanwhile, are available now.

Bear in mind that Lexus has not announced any plans to put this concept into production. It could be a very long wait.

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