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Ford Edge Concept: 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show

Just the Facts:
  • Ford unveils the Edge Concept at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show as a sneak preview of the styling and technologies for the next-generation Edge crossover.
  • Styling aligns the new-gen Edge with the Explorer and smaller Escape, and LED headlights become nearly part of the grille.
  • Expect the production Edge to be on the bleeding edge of available autonomous-vehicle tech, including a remote-control parking system that can reverse the car from a parking slot before the occupants enter.

LOS ANGELES — The Ford Edge Concept debuts at the 2013 Los Angeles Auto Show as a near-production preview of the styling and technology direction for the next redesign of the five-seat midsize crossover.

While a large and prominent high shoulder line characterizes the Edge Concept's profile, one of the most notable design attributes is the way in which the low-profile LED headlights merge into the upper corners of the grille, creating a nearly single-piece effect.

The Ford Edge Concept's front end incorporates active aerodynamic shutters, while the hood is more compact, the company said, to accept the extreme rearward slope of the grille. The rear hatch's glass also displays a vivid rake.

Inside the Edge Concept, Ford engineers sculpted in a large 10-inch touchscreen to enable MyFord Touch to handle the infotainment functions.

Interior Design Manager Hak Soo Ha said in a statement that the concept's interior environment is called "Dynamic Sanctuary, because it combines the energetic character of the exterior with a more premium cabin execution. The shapes provide a dynamic, in-motion impression that soothes rather than fatigues."

MyFord Touch is prominent, but the Edge Concept also indicates Ford may yet be pondering tweaks to the often-controversial man-machine interface, as its press materials for the vehicle say the center stack features "premium mechanical switchgear."

The center console also features a neo-modern gearshift lever design and a waterfall arrangement of control pads on either side.

But the Ford Edge Concept's most intriguing feature may be its remote-parking function. An advance on Ford's existing active park-assist system for parallel parking, the "fully assisted parking aid" permits one-touch automated parking of the vehicle in a conventional parking spot — and via the remote key fob even permits you to reverse the vehicle out of a parking spot with nobody behind the wheel.

Ford gave little initial information about the Edge Concept's powertrain, but we expect little change for the production model's engine lineup, including today's EcoBoost 2.0-liter four-cylinder. It is possible Ford could ditch one of the Edge's two V6s or take the next-generation Edge to an all-EcoBoost engine range.

Edmunds says: The Edge Concept indicates Ford intends to update the popular Edge's styling to align with the Explorer and Escape, but we hope some of the concept's tasty interior treatments make it to production, too.

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