2013 Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Resonance Concept

2013 Detroit Auto Show: Nissan Resonance Concept

2013 Detroit Auto Show

What Is It?
Nissan Resonance Concept

What's Special About It?
This is Nissan's latest idea on the future of the midsize SUV. Not surprisingly, the Resonance looks much like the future of the Murano, the company's current midsize SUV.

The central design theme of the Resonance is called V-motion. It starts up front and just keeps going from there, making this concept about as wedge-shaped as a crossover can get. The boomerang headlights are a more extreme version of the design theme already used on current Nissan products, while the windshield is laid back to a degree that only concepts can get away with.

Inside, it's much the same idea, as Nissan's designers took a basic five-passenger layout, cut the middle seat out of the back and layered everything that was left in the most supple white leather this side of a Bentley.

Despite all this, the Resonance is still a fairly conventional concept in many ways. Replace the interior with production-ready materials, add in a rear bench seat and move that windshield up a little and you have yourself the next Murano.

What Edmunds Says:
The Murano has always been a little bit out of the mainstream when it comes to styling, and the Resonance doesn't look like it's veering from that path.

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