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2013 Chicago Auto Show: Kia Cross GT Concept

2013 Chicago Auto Show

What Is It?
Kia Cross GT Concept

What's Special About It?
Kia unveiled its Cross GT Concept here at the 2013 Chicago Auto Show. Taking styling cues from the brand's previously shown GT concept, the Cross GT expands those elements into a three-row crossover package. In terms of size, it falls in between Kia Sorento and a Nissan Pathfinder, but the height is considerably shorter than both.

Unlike the Volkswagen Cross Blue Concept shown in Detroit, the Kia Cross GT is far more of a flight of fancy. Besides its flamboyant show car details, suicide doors and avant-garde cockpit design, its obligatory futuristic hybrid powertrain features a 3.8-liter V6, an eight-speed automatic and a torque-vectoring all-wheel-drive system. All together, Kia says this could produce 400 horsepower and 500 pound-feet of torque, while being able to travel 20 miles on electricity alone.

Now, it certainly makes sense that Kia would want to dip its toe in the expanding waters of the full-size family crossover segment and some of the Cross GT's styling cues could certainly trickle down onto such a vehicle. We'll just need to wait a while to see if such a Kia materializes.

What Edmunds Says: Some nice design ideas here with the Kia Cross GT Concept, but the word "production" is not in the cards just yet.

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