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Daily driver for 10 years

oaklandfan78, 10/31/2012
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My RSX has gone through a lot over the past 10 years and put on over 145K miles but it's still running strong. It's been through quite a lot. Among the highlights were how many times, it flawlessly handled the California drive from LA to SF. At one point, it also became my utility vehicle and the fold-down seats spent many weekends lugging around DJ equipment. It now serves as my daily commuter with good gas mileage and still evokes a strong feeling of excitement when I get on the road each morning. Hopefully I can make it to 200K one day.

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Awsome Vehicle

rsxc, 01/10/2013
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I've owned two '02 ACura RSX's Premium. Bottom line is that they are very reliable. They will last a long time before they break. But like any car once they break they will cost a small fortune. Most aftermarket retailers do not carry the parts that usually break on this car. This means you must go to the the dealer to get the part, which can be hole in your pocket. All in all, I love this car. It's very cheap on gas, it has a very attractive sporty look, it's got all the goodies like: leather heated seats, heated powered mirrors, power windows and doors. I would definitely recommend this car.

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After 130,000 miles

sjava, 06/06/2008
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I have more than 130,000 miles on this car. I lowered my car with aftermarket coilover. All the problems I got are associated with the suspension. Other than that I had zero problem. I'm getting 29-30 mpg on 80% hwy and 20%city. I love the fact that this car looks like a coupe but it's a hatchback. The hatchback provides so much utilities, you'll be surprised. One time I picked up a 52" LCD TV and the store employee said no way I can load it to my car but I did. There is no other car that provides so much fun, utilities and 30 mpg.

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Great car - In love with it

Sid Arora, 07/01/2008
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I bought this car in 2002. This car has been my first sports car right from the dealership. I loved it on the first day and still have admiration for it. Car has cute reddish dash board that's eye pleasing. Secondly car has been extremely reliable. The car currently has 93000k miles and only changes I have done is brake jobs, tires, emission issue. At 93000 car still feels like new with same amount of acceleration as it was new.

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In love with Honda products

Former Chevy driver, 04/12/2002
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I bought my wife a 2001 Accord a few months back and fell in love with Honda quality. The Acura RSX is no exception. I test drove everything, including the new Nissan Altima, and nothing came close. Fun to drive, quick, and great quality. Bypass the Type S, the base engine is quick! Unless you are going to the drag strip, it is more than enough engine.

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