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Volvo S90 Review

The Volvo S90 represents a new direction for the iconic Swedish automaker. Though Volvo isn't shedding its reputation for safety, it is putting more of an emphasis on style and design. Take a look inside the S90's cabin, for instance. It exhibits a blend of elegance and simplicity that is unlike any other car (aside, of course, from other freshly minted Volvo models). Buttons and knobs are kept to a minimum, and most secondary controls are accessed through a tabletlike central touchscreen.

As Volvo's flagship sedan, the S90 is roomy, comfortable and luxurious. It's also the best big Volvo sedan in some time, and it stands as a competitive rival to other European sedans.

Current Volvo S90
The S90 is sold in Momentum and Inscription trim levels. Both have cabins lined in leather and wood and a full suite of safety systems, but the Inscription's interior is even more posh. Many options available for the Inscription model can be fitted to the Momentum, so buyers have the opportunity to customize the S90 to their taste and budget.

The Volvo S90 can be had with three powertrains, all built around the same engine. The T5 (Momentum trim only) is a 250-hp turbocharged four-cylinder engine, while the T6, available on both models, uses a unique supercharger-and-turbocharger setup that bumps power up to 316 horsepower. T5 models are available with front- or all-wheel drive, and T6 models come exclusively with all-wheel drive. The T8 is an all-wheel-drive hybrid drivetrain that pairs the T6 engine with an electric motor for a total output of 400 hp. The T8's battery can be charged from an external source, and the car has an electric-only range somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 to 20 miles.

We're in love with the Volvo S90's sleek interior design and comfortable seats. But we wish we could say the same about the way the car drives. The S90 doesn't have the cosseting ride quality you might expect from a big luxury sedan. Instead, it's rather firm. That would be OK if the S90 handled like a sport sedan, but instead it feels heavy when going around turns and not particularly eager to change direction. Overall, though, the S90 is a satisfying luxury sedan, particularly if design and the latest technology are priorities for you.

Used Volvo S90 Models
The current Volvo S90 generation debuted for the 2017 model year. For that first year, the car had a shorter wheelbase and less rear legroom than in subsequent years. The plug-in hybrid T8 was also not available that year. Otherwise, there haven't been any significant changes to this generation S90.

Volvo enthusiasts might recall that that there was a S90 from the late 1990s as well. This first-generation Volvo S90 was introduced in 1997, though it was really just a new name for the then top-of-the-line 960 sedan. The Volvo S90 lastest just one more year before Volvo replaced it with the then all-new S80.

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