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My Sexy S60

ravidas, 06/04/2011
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When I first test drove the car here in Michigan, I did not want to stop driving it. It felt that good! It was a pure monster with poise, elegance and personality. Then I went to Gothenburg to pick the car up in late Oct 2010 as part of the Overseas Delivery Program. I was blown away by the entire deal: great Swedish hospitality and the truly satisfying factory delivery center experience. Due to timing, I could not drive it around Europe, but was more anxious to have it shipped back to the US! I received it in December, just before Christmas :) To summarise the S60: It is a pure engineering marvel, that blends sportiness and safety in one outstanding package!

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Six Months In, Still Pleased

originalsix, 10/28/2011
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No other mid size luxury sedan can compete with the value offered in the S60 T6. It's faster than 2003 BMW 530, it has AWD, bluetooth and ipod, has 5-year free maintenance. All for around $15k lower than the BMW,Audi,Lexus, etc. On the last day of March '11, the dealer gave me invoice price (and preinstalled Bliss and keyless entry at no cost). - Drives more like a Lexus/Infinity than a German car.

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Best car out of the 30 vehicles I have owned

jasdroe, 04/17/2018
T6 4dr Sedan AWD (3.0L 6cyl Turbo 6A)
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Even though such features are now much more common, the 2011 Volvo S60 T6 was the first sedan to offer all these things together: pedestrian detection, automatic braking , blind spot monitoring, lane departure warning, driver alert monitoring, and adaptive cruise control, along with front and rear cameras, AWD, torque vectoring, traction control, rear fog light with real time traffic monitoring with the navigation. All of these systems have worked flawlessly since 2011. So what's not to like in a car with super comfortable seats, a rear entertainment system, and 300 hp on regular gas? Well, the trunk could have been bigger and space for a temporary spare designed into the floor of the trunk. Oh, and a heated steering wheel would have been nice.

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Marvelous design

Lennart, 11/18/2010
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Went to Goteborg, Sweden to pick up my new 2011 Volvo S60 in October and people would come up to the car and admire the style. I picked white exterior with 2 tone leather brown/black. The car feels secure and the rain in Sweden did not stop us from driving 900 miles in a couple of days. Need to work on all the knobs but all in all this car will be a success.

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Good enough for the money

johnrush5, 08/06/2011
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When I first got into the car I loved how wonderful the seats felt on my bottom. I have sat in every luxury sport sedan out there and this one still feels better after months of use than my 2009 Audi A4. The engine acceleration power,sound and smoothness was almost enough to sill the deal, but I had to see how it handled. The car is not as low to the ground but the rear torque vectoring offsets it enough to satisfactory overcome the height and front end weight on this 6 cylinder Porsche sounding (yes I just said that) engine to corner sharply. The brakes are just perfect in my opinion. They are not the in your face "right now" kind of brakes but do an admirable job without feeling taxed.

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Pulled into vovlo dealer on the way to buy an acura ona whim and was sold!

zugisland, 10/02/2011
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Just bought my S60 after looking and driving many other vehicles.!st the others. Lexus ct200 hybrid interior cabin too small at 6ft my head was hitting cieling also there is much concern about this cars performance in the winter . Audi A5 , this would have been the primary competetion to the S60 purchase and although the A5 might be a tad handsomer and its feature set is also maybe a bit more sophistivcated I guarantee if you drive both the Volvo blows it away as far as driving dynamics. A5 211 hp 4 banger cannot come clsoe to the power and smoothness of the s60 Also the steering on the A5 was very loose compared to the volvo not to say I got my 2011 with a hefty 3grand rebate free maintence and 1.9% all vs full msrp 3.9% and no main on the audi and it was a no brainer. oh yes also drive the Bmw 328i aawd but had to spend a fortune to get the paackage with HID zenon lights . Was shocked at the numbner of cars BMW sells with 20 yr old halogens ...come on people why would anyone spend 40 plus grand on a car with those candles for lights.. I will not buy a car without this important safety feature and the S60 with its adaptive headlights are a winner. Wow almost forgot i did twest the new Saab 95 with a 10 grand rebate for obviouso reason and alhough i liked the sabb the best of all I was concerned aobut saabs viablitiy as a company and the potential hit to resell i may have taken and thus ended up in a S60...the only negative is i would have liked to see a better tpm which shows the inflated value of each tire rather then one which just lights when any tire gets low but you dont know which one...and there is no holder for a cell phone anywhere...missed that on the test the cool auto headrest down function for the rear to give me better visability when no one is in the bac

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Great Car!

Vanilla, 10/26/2010
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I have only had my car for a week now, but I love it. It's super fast and very comfortable. The stero and car functions are somewhat confusing, but I think I can work through that.

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Great Car Joy to Drive

volvoowner2, 12/26/2010
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Been driving s60 2011 t6 for 2 months now. Great Car, really fun to drive Acceleration is awesome (thought about getting audi a5 but acceleration was weak, although great looking car). Able to blow past at almost any speed. the increase width and weight contributes to the feeling like you are hugging the road, very stable. Seat are super comfy/sporty - scandinavian thing. The onboard system pick up my iphone as soon as I get in the car - so my ipod play instanly over head. Stereo system is very high quality and sounds greatNice having rear seats drop down to give more space from the trunk. tereo system sounds amazing

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