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My new old Volvo

catsofmany, 08/23/2012
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My husband and I just bought a 1995 940 Volvo wagon with 247,000 miles on it. My car for the last 12 years and 174,000 miles has been a 2000 WS6 Trans Am. We bought it new and basically I drove it year round but avoided snow storms. Sadly a broken bolt on the exhaust manifold has taken the car off the road. So we searched for cheap used cars to get us by until we can fix the TA. I had read the reviews about the Volvo and we found one for $740.00. It just needed a driver front tie rod end but luckily it had been taken care of and all the brakes were new. Mind you, going from a Trans Am with incredible power even at the high mileage, incredible handling and the heaviness of the car…I was worried I would be miserable in anything else.

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An A-1 Auto

Robert Selvig, 06/28/2006
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My 940 has been my drive 99% of its 106,000 miles. In my 70+ years of driving no other car has come close to pure pleasure. It has yet to be dinged or dented and has always run on Michelins. The ride is solid, acceleration is adequate. I frequently cast an eye at newer cars, then look at my white wagon and ask myself "why should I?". Chances are I will keep this one.

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Over 300,000

Adam, 02/04/2009
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I purchased my 1995 940 with 80,000 miles and now eight years later have over 300,000 miles on it. All I can say is excellent. It's only left me stranded twice and still has the original engine, transmission, turbo, alternator, starter, fuel pump, and more. I love this car but after all those miles it has developed several oil leaks (one major) and several small problems that just are not cost effective to fix requiring me to sell it. I have no complaints driving it 220,000 miles of 300,000 is more than I could ever had hoped for. I am very sad to have to give it up but also have high expectations for my new used 1998 V70 XC. Thank you Volvo

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I love my tank

gritsgirl, 03/03/2003
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Every time I drive another car I realize how much I love the solid, safe feel of my wagon. We haven't had any major problems other than having to replace the interior door panels more than once due to warping. The headlights are "running lights" which means we can't turn them off under any circumstances while the car is operating (which can be a problem on the ferries) I love the boxy shape of the car and find the fabric interior comfy. Those Swedes don't want us doing anything unsafe like drinking coffee while we drive, so there are no cup holders!! But my peeves are totally outweighed by the car's smooth ride, solid feel and reliable performance.

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Love my Swedish Brick!!!

Ranchuk, 01/07/2006
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I come from a long line of Volvo fans and have owned three...two 240's & this '95 940 wagon (now at 150K mi). Although it's started to look a little worn around the edges, we still love it!! No, it's not exciting, it's not sexy, it's not exhilarating to drive, but it's comfy, safe and dependable and I'll take that over flash & excitement any time. With the rear seats down, the cargo area is huge, with a low sill and flat floor. The rear hatch swings up and out of the head-banging like I deal with on our Acura MDX!. Unfortunately, the '95 940 was the last of the RWD Volvos that featured the most dependable drivetrain ever built, so it'll probably be my last brick. <sniffle>

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