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Positive Experience

EdR, 10/07/2010
V8 4dr SUV AWD (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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Unlike others here, my experience has been very positive over 60,000 miles. This is a late 2007 with the FSI engine. Mileage is 16 to 18 on highway at higher than posted speeds. Issues - generally minor -- have been quickly resolved at various service locations. Reliability has been excellent -- no issues noted. Handles superbly on the road (equipped with 19" wheels and premium tires/air suspension). Heavy solid vehicle which does lead to limited tire life on secondary roads -- generally 16,000 to 18,000 miles. Brakes are excellent but require more frequency replacement than typical. Quiet and luxury feel.

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Pamela, 01/05/2007
V8 4dr SUV AWD (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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I love my new Touareg! I don't think that I've ever said that about any other car I've owned. My last two new cars were Volvos that I had both under a year (ouch)! The Touareg has every little gadget and more. It has all the features that my husbands 06' BMW 750Li, not to mention that the Touareg has a backup camera and his doesn't! The V8 Touareg is fun to drive especially going up our curvy mountain road in Sports Mode! This SUV is not only fun to drive but has great curb appeal! I have had quite a few people stop and ask me about my Touareg and love telling them about. I hope that when I turn it at the end of the lease that VW will continue to make the Touareg as good or better!

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Love this vehicle!!

gobubba, 12/30/2012
V8 4dr SUV AWD (4.2L 8cyl 6A)
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We have the 2007 V8 with every option available. Can't say enough about how much we love to own and drive it! Where else can you get a "car" (remember it is a unibody) that tows nearly anything a person could want to tow. It weighs about the same as a Suburban or Tahoe, so the ride and handling are superb. The factory roof rails run the entire length of the roof which makes mounting boxes or a bike rack a breeze. We bought a certified used Highlander prior to the Touareg and only owned it for two weeks before we forced the dealer to buy it back. The engine had what Toyota considers "normal" piston slap and the drivetrain whined like it was extremely worn out, also considered "normal".

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Don't do it!!

BT, 06/27/2018
V6 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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Got this car from a friend for cheap, I thought, because the dealer didn't want this car with 150,000 miles. At 160,000 miles I am selling the car for parts. Two weeks ago I replaced the drive shaft, very common problem, expect to replace one every 50 to 60K miles. Last week I replaced the heater blower motor, ok I can accept that it failed with 160K miles. However, this week the engine was running poorly on my way home, 3 miles. Pulled the codes and found that I had a cam position error, this car has a chain not a belt, which should last at least 200K miles. Started the car in the morning and it was running fine. I got on the highway and got a low oil pressure, stop car immediately, warning on the dash. Towed to mechanic. Found that this car has problems with stretching timing chains, very common problem, expect to have on replaced before 180K miles. Problem is that the timing chain is at the back of the motor. Motor must be pulled to replace the chain $3000. This engine also has a problem with oil pumps, $1200. Car is now a throw away. Over the past year I have also had window switch problems, typical. Headlight intermittent issue, mechanic told me that he sees this on almost all of them, just hit it to have the light make contact. Rear window would not open, and rear window defroster would not work. Wiring harness was cut by the tailgate hinge, another common problem. By the way, VW is notorious for vacuum leak issues which will light the check engine light. Other than all of these very serious very common problems, its a great car, but you will have to change the brakes and tires often. STAY AWAY!!!!! Worst reliability of any car I ever owned. Update: I kept the car and decided to try and fix it since I can't get a good car for the amount of repairs. Should have thrown it away. Found that I had a bad PVC diaphragm, which should have been a simple repair. Part cost $25, labor was over $800 (dealer labor was estimated over $1200). Repairs for the oil pressure did not work and it returned. I am now having the oil pan removed to have the pick up tube cleaned and clean any debris in the bottom of the engine. VW is notorious for engine debris clogging the pickup tube with a strainer that is too small. I have now spent more in repairs in this car than repairs for all my cars total over the past 20 years. Stay away from this car!!! Final update. Sold this piece of junk to the Toureg mechanic at the local VW dealer. He told me that the low oil pressure problem is due to the pin that holds the gear on to the oil pump shears off, a known problem. Oil pump is driven by the timing chain on the rear of the engine, approx. $4000 in labor. My flex pipes on the exhaust also needed replacing. Neither Midas or the local custom exhaust fabricator would work on the car. Job is estimated at 10 hours for one pipe. Car has two pipes which cost $750 each, without labor. Final straw was when I was taking the car to the mechanic for the last time to try again to fix the oil pressure issue, I was not aware of the gear issue then, and was told the the high pressure fuel pump was going. Another $1000 in labor. Sold the car for $1300 and was happy to get it. Outside of the mechanical issues the car was mint. STAY AWAY FROM VW!!!!!

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2007 Touareg

spike, 01/16/2007
V6 4dr SUV AWD (3.6L 6cyl 6A)
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We're thrilled with Touareg. It drives like a car and is solid - nothing is loose anywhere. The doors and sunroof shut tightly and very it is quiet inside. That seems to be the VW trademark, lately. This truck is really well made. Its power delivery is smooth, but it's a heavy car. So be patient. I've had three Japanese cars - a Nissan, Infiniti, and a Lexus and four German cars - a BMW, Mercedes-Benz and VW. Personally, I find German cars to be more sturdy, functional and practical. Some might say Japanese cars are more refined, sophisticated...etc. The Touareg exemplifies all these qualities without losing its German character.

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