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don't be a victim of the dealer

keith_g, 09/26/2011
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Like many I have been told for years to stay away from German cars. However my average repair on an American car was always $750. So how bad could it be? I bought a 99 V6 Passat in Nov of 07 with 112K on it. I was the 3rd owner. I have had to fix the ECU, Control Arm and Power steering pump. But with the car this age and miles that did not seem bad to me. Also, if you have a German car and you need a part! LOOK ON LINE for it and save! Example, the ECU “traction control computer” dealer and private shop cost, 1K4-1.5K$. To buy new with 1 year warrantee, “600$”. To take it out myself, have it sent to a company that fixes it and ships it back with a 3 year warrantee, “$168.00” DO YOU SEE MY POINT! I would trust this car to get into it right now and drive to Alaska! Love it! Get the 2.8

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Keep it simple

kathonic, 06/22/2013
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I purchased mine with 190,000 miles prominently interstate and highway mileage. The car is lumbering around town, but can really move when you need it to (I've already avoided a few accidents because of it). Mechanically everything is easy to replace yourself, and often much cheaper as well, so if your considering the 5-speed V6 I would definitely invest in as much repair materials as you can. If you're good at basic repairs and replacement this car responds well to them. A word of warning however, do NOT skimp on seals and gaskets, make sure they are in good order before buying this car, because they have the most potential to do the greatest harm.

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adriannep, 09/14/2014
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I bought this car in 2012 with 150k on it. When bought I did some front suspension work on it and replaced all oil gaskets on it as a piece of mind. With the miles on it I went through the entire car and perfected i. Clutch done cus I wanted Today this car reached 300k miles and it still runs like new. No lights on dash and still great gas mileage. Will never get rid of it until the tires fall of it. German cars are great cars for those who know how to take care of em. They're not for everyone and u cant go to auto zone and buy parts for it and expect it to last. U get what u pay for. I have never been stuck with it and I don't think I ever will. Safe and reliable and good looking car.

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kachopsticks, 04/24/2011
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My family purchased a 99 passat auto 1.8 turbo back in 2008 with roughly 87,000 miles on it. It has been my daily driver since then and now is about to hit 120,000. Since buying the car we have had to replace the following in approximate order: Power Steering Rack: $800 ABS break module: $250 - (we did the install) Turbo - $1000 Engine Coil Packs - $300 We have also had to replace lots of little things. My headlight assembly shattered randomly while driving. The windshield wiper motor broke ($100 for that part!!!). When replacing it I pulled out a NAPPA motor so it was the second time the part had broke. This is on top of regular maintenance such as tires, oil changes, and breaks.

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Never again!

0osarahhh, 01/04/2012
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I've had this car for about 5 months and already cannot afford the up keep! I paid $4000 for it, and have put about $2000 into it now. First I had to replace front brake hoses, right and left control arms, then the thermostat went, now I have oil leaking and a major electrical system problem. Never again will I buy another Volkswagen.

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