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great car with typical VW issues

tmr, 01/12/2009
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I was inspired to write this review for the simple fact that the page says 22 mpg. That's impossible, I owned this car for 5 years and only once got below 24 mpg, usually more like 29 mpg, best I ever got was 41 mpg for a tank! Beyond that the car is fun to drive (I had manual GLi 16V), but has typical VW issues like the doors not working (they can be fixed), windshield wipers with mind of their own, and other electrical issues.

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KlubMarcus, 05/24/2002
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VW doesn't seem to make solid car. Stupid stuff keeps breaking: door handles, the plastic covering the seat tracks, the headliner, oil consumption. My other car is a Saturn, so I guess I'm spoiled.

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Pretty good little car

Chris James, 06/22/2002
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I have had my car for a few years now and the thing just keeps running. I have had to put a little money in it here in there to keep it running, but the car has over 133,000 miles on it with no sign of stopping. I have seen many other cars with over 150,000 and even 200,000. There are little problems here and there with things such as the electrical system which is typically bad from the factory. Other than that it is a good around town car.

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Take a Walk on the Mild Side

Sponge Bob Square VW, 10/15/2002
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The 1991 Volkswagen Jetta GL has been a very good car. The engine and transmission are superior because we have done a few simple things since day one: 1. We 'Baby' the car; 2. Use only synthetic motor oil (every 5k mi.); and 3. Use premium fuel. Our mechanic recently changed the valve cover gasket, looked inside, and said: "This does not look like an engine with 205k miles. It looks more like 75k." My mechanic is a friend and has 45 years experience with VW's. You be the judge....Thank you.

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Nothing but fun

a2jetta, 10/18/2002
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This is my second VW and I love it! It has only had normal maintenance. A couple of wrecks have not diminished the performance. It gave where it should have and repairs easily. Great docs.

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