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Tacoma issues

tacoma10, 02/21/2011
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This is the six Toyota I have owned......probably the last. Toyota dealerships/service has always been the weak point in my experience with Toyota. I am currently driving a 2010 Tacoma double cab. Nice truck, but has a couple issues. Number one is the transmission; it always seems to be "searching" for the right "gear", not a big deal, just slightly annoying. It has done it now for almost 15,000 miles. Second issue is the AC/heater blower motor. It has been making a ticking sound for months. I took it to the dealer in December. They told me the motor is bad and it had been recalled. A replacement was ordered, but as yet has not arrived at dealer. I have given up talking to dealer.

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Toyota Tacoma Not needs work

lawje, 03/13/2013
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Purchased my 2010 Tacoma in CNY and was disappointed from day one. 179 miles on with large scratch. Dealer fixed but not a good sign. Major complaints: Radio seemed to be very low. Volume was on 50 to hear radio with windo down. Handling, not great. Constant noise when van or heat turned on. Later found out it was a recall and Toyota did not let me know after I complained. Gas mileage...maybe 16 mpg average driving. Not very comfortable for someone 6'00 tall. Sold after 2 years and 25,000 mile. Also have a 2005 Toyota 4runner which is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

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Don't buy unless you want junk

dontwasteyourmoney, 08/19/2010
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I've owned this truck since 12/09 and have to say this is the absolute WORST new vehicle I've ever owned. This truck has weak leaf springs, "hunting" transmissions, steering problems on loose gravel, noisy ac blower motors, rust on frames/bumpers of brand new trucks... I could go on, but you get the picture. This is actually the 4th Toyota I've owned and I couldn't be more disappointed. My brand new (9 mth old) truck has each of these problems and Toyota refuses to fix any of them with the exception of the leaf springs. Toyota quality is a thing of the past, and if I can give you any advice at all, it would be to look elsewhere for your truck. Don't take the chance. You've been warned!

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Toyota braking

tacoma10, 02/21/2011
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Toyota recently determined driver error as the cause of braking problems. As a driver of a Tacoma, I can see how this can happen. The brake pedal (on automatic transmission models) is very close to the accelerator pedal. I have on numerous occasions mistakenly hit both at the same time. This happens for me when I am wearing boots or larger width shoes. I have to be very conscious of this lack of space between pedals.

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Suspension Problems

john1961, 08/24/2011
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I am very disappointed with the weak suspension caused by poor design. This is my 3rd Toyota truck and after poor response from Toyota Canada probably my last. For the sake of $350.00 for a solution they are willing to lose a longtime loyal client. If anyone has had success with Toyota to correct the problem I would like to know. Toyota were once known for their quality and durability but now I feel it's all about money

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