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2018 Toyota Mirai Consumer Reviews

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Significant Design Issues, Buyer Beware
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By Krishnan Srini


2018 Toyota Mirai 4dr Sedan (electric DD)


I wish I could recommend this car to others given the breakthrough fuel cell technology and the ramifications of this technology on the state of the environment, but I simply can't. Within the second month of leasing this car, we found the Mirai leaking coolant onto our garage floor. Upon taking it to the dealership, we discovered that a pebble from the road went through the front grill and bust a hole in our coolant tank, causing this issue. The design bug is likely due to the way that the Mirai takes in air from the front grill to supply the fuel cell with oxygen, exposing many of the internal components to the external environment. The worst thing about this issue is how Toyota decided to resolve it: refusing to acknowledge their design mistake, forcing us to pay $3000-4000 for the repair (to pay for their liquid gold coolant), since their own design mistakes are apparently not covered by the warranty with the car. And on top of the insulting response from them, they are able to offer no guarantee of fixing this problem in the design, which means the car is still unprotected from any stone on the road. Our dealership has told us that several other customers (with the 2018 Mirai) have come in with the same issue, meaning that this is a widespread problem. Avoid this car, if possible.

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