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I am 52 and look for excuses to drive my FJ

tom522, 03/27/2011
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Well it is still brand new, so only can say limited, but this is my 8000 mile report, just drove thru a tough winter and this thing was the easiest thing I have ever seen in deep snow. I would go out after a huge storm and people stuck all over and it just seemed weird because it was SO easy. You just cant help getting the feeling of a very well built truck. I feel like a kid in a way, I keep driving down dirt roads looking for a hill to climb over. Its actually pretty quite, unless going highspeed on x-way. You get a FJ Cruiser if you want easy. Easy in the snow, easy on the ice, easy off road, easy around town.

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Just got my 2nd one

fjbob, 04/01/2011
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I had a 2007 Silver manual FJ and absolutely loved it! 2 weeks ago we were in an accident on I95 where we were hit from behind and then swerved and smashed head-on into the concrete barrier (ever see the insurance industry/gov't crash tests with the crash test dummies? - that was us) at around 60 mph. I came out w/o a scratch; my wife & kid had some buising and a couple broken ribs, but overall very well off.The truck was totalled, but we walked away from the accident - very impressive!I just got a brand new 2011 model to repalce it (Brick Red).If you want a fun, tough, and safe vehicle, this is definately it. I truly believe that my 1st FJ saved us very serious injury or even our lives!

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Very rugged and sturdy

Jim1947, 03/01/2011
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Its a 2011, I can only say so much, ask me in 10 years, but in a few thousand miles, it has tackled all sorts of big snow storms, it has pulled out a few larger vehicles, it warms up quick, you just feel like your driving in a very sturdy truck, but much smoother. I keep pressing the issue in how much it can do, and it has not failed yet, done some off roading, I have the 4X4 with the off road pkg, that does make a difference, between work and not owning it for years yet, my off roading has been limited, its quiet on freeway unless your over 75 and sometimes if a strong wind is hitting you from another direction, the radio is good

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A Comfortable Beast

joef5, 03/25/2011
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Well, you only buy one of these if your looking for a all terrain vehicle, this is what it’s for and this is what is does very well. I have done sand dunes, and 2 feet of snow with ease. I am amazed at some of these reviews, Jesus. I am not going to complain about a chevy 4 cyl that’s gets lots of MPG because it cant fit 8 people, and I am not going to complain about a Rubicon 4X4 because its not a luxury ride, there are different cars and trucks for different things. The FJ Cruiser is a all terrain vehicle that’s very capable of normal driving, its quiet, its dependable, I know people with over 100,000 miles without one problem and it will go ANYWHERE you want. You just feel safe in it.

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Great Ride

markm109, 12/22/2011
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Purchased my 2011 FJ Cruiser early spring and have put almost 9,000 miles on it to date. Coming from a 2002 4Runner, the FJ is a lot more roomy and comfortable. I live on a dirt road and the FJ glides over the rough sections giving a very smooth, quiet and comfortable ride - better than my wife's 2011 Subaru Outback. My FJ has the upgraded sound system with sub in back - great sound and way too loud if I turn it up. The FJ has handled everything I've asked of it without issue. MPG running around 19 city, 21 highway at 75-80 mph. I have had no issues with it and don't expect to if it is like all the other Toyota's I've owned. My one improvement would be a power roll down rear window.

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