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Echo, Love it !

Frank, 09/22/2005
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The best money I ever spent on a car! It's a shame this car did not catch on with most of the public. With todays gas prices its a solution available today ! Its about half the cost of a hybrid, but gets 40+ mpg ! A great value. I was surprised how peppy this car is for a fuel efficient car.

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Better than expected

Inkentucky, 06/21/2010
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When I bought this, I was coming from a '03 Lexus GS300, so I was dreading it, but driving 50+ miles each way to work, I really couldn't justify not having a little commuter car. The manual has been really nice, the ride has been fine, the acceleration is much better than expected. It drifts a little side to side on the interstate but I expect it's due some steering work or new shocks and struts. Has 109k miles on it, and typically gets 37 mpg. Very pleased.

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Is There an Echo in Here?

Jaden Waters, 06/18/2004
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My wife and I had to get a rent-a-car and decided on a Toyota Echo, not knowing exactly what to expect. What we found surprised us. After driving it a while, we liked it so much we decided to buy one later from a local delearship- the last one on their lot. We thought we could use some insulation from high gas prices by buying an economy car, and let me tell you, the Echo delivered. Between highway and city driving it got 35 plus miles to the gallon. On the highway we got 42- three more miles per gallon than advertised.

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greatly improved suspension design

richie, 02/23/2005
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These comments apply to 3 identical new Echos purchased from July-October 05,equipped with 15" wheels,175 section tires. Fine road grip. Heavy duty roll bars completely eliminate body roll. Corners flat. Nimble power steering, very precise, goes where pointed. Crosswind stability vg- etc. Very firm ride, no float on heaving road, a little rough on bad pavement (See my "8" rating for Comfort.)(Would rate it "10" with 2 or more people,or on good roads). Shifting easy, but downshifts from 5th to 4th take a little aligning. Stoplight Grand Prix acceleration a blast,shocks the unwary.Recommended tire inflation shows up small bumps...Reducing to improve ride gives PRONOUNCED understeer on fast turns

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Efficient yet sporty

Jeremy, 12/20/2005
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The Toyota Echo is the value for your dollar car next to the Honda Civic. If you are looking to give your new high school graduate a new car, A Honda Civic or Toyota Echo is the car. Although 2005 is the last production year for the Echo, look in 2007 for the Toyota Yaris to be the next best thing. Japanese producted Yaris is the exact same frame and structure as the Echo, but you now have a 3rd or 5th door (hatchback).

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Toyota reliability

Bert van Ingen, 04/05/2020
2dr Coupe (1.5L 4cyl 5M)
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This appraisal is for a become-15 year old daily driver hatchback Echo in rust belt eastern Ontario, Canada that currently has 260,000 km on it. Most reliable car I've owned in the past 50 years. I've always driven fuel efficient cars (ie econoboxes with manual transmissions) but this is the very first one I've ever had that achieves 5 litre/100 km day all day long and on one occasion last year actually crossed over the miracle (certainly for me) 60 miles per Imperial gallon (4.5 l/100 km) during a leisurely 400 km road trip through New York State. That still mostly-rust-free old car (I'm a believer in annual oil sprays) has virtually no resale value anymore but the engine uses no oil between changes and parts such as the clutch, alternator, starter, power steering pump, radiator, water pump are still original. I will definitely be shopping for another Toyota when the old girl gives up the ghost or somebody crashes into it. Compared to low-slung cars Echos are tall which makes them easy to get in an out of.

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The finest automobile ever!

JHB, 09/29/2005
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This vehicle has given me everything I wanted, including: dependability, low maintenance costs, phenomenal gas mileage, and an extremely low monthly payment!

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Jim, 11/19/2005
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Great mileage, comfortable, easy to get in and out, fun to drive, no problems after 39000 miles. Great radio , If you like small cars this really not so small car is one you should check out.

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Best small car on the road

Scott's Echo, 06/11/2004
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I have to say that i love my Toyota Echo .I get 42 MPG on gas and it's alot of fun to drive and the get up and go is great .It will move for a small car i'll be going 85 befor i know it .It's a great car for the money and it's a Toyota so what more could you ask for .

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best car I ever owned

tod, 06/11/2004
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This Echo is the best quality car I ever owned beside our toyota seinna. I use this car everyday for work and since I purchased it in May of 2000, I have never taken it back to service only for routine maintence. I have over 125,000 miles on it and plan to buy another toyota next year.

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Great Car

bxNel2007, 06/20/2004
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It was a wise choice, this car is great on gas, easy to find parking, and it looks funky.

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34/40 mpg w/automatic

madpat, 08/08/2004
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mgp is great, could use a bit more eng power. good size trunk. get the powerstering,ac,bigger wheels on 2005. get 4 door's. a bit road nosie.when will it be found on road dead? relability and quality still testing and will test good on wash d.c. roads. ok for nothing special car.

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Not bad

MelSpags, 09/14/2004
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As a college student the echo is ideal for my needs. The great gas mileage and dependability are outstanding.

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Toyota echo

Brian, 06/07/2005
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I would have to say that for a 17 year old this is really the best car that you could buy. With its 1.5 liter 4- cly. 108 hp. this echo can be a sprinty for a little car. I would take the echo over a focus, civic,and an accent. The echo has a TDI system (Toyota Direct Ignition system) which means that it eliminates the need for a distributor, spark plug wires, rotor, and a bigger muffler for better breating at higher revs. It also has six speakers, and a great sound system. This is an awesome car!!!

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I love my ECHO

sue, 09/06/2005
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I bought my ECHO in 2002. It is very reliable. It has not needed ANY repairs other than normal maintence. It gets GREAT gas mileage. I can drive my car to work for 2 weeks on one tank of gas!

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