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225,000 miles, runs fine

troyboy4, 07/09/2012
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Bought my 96 LE V6 used with 32,000 miles - today it has 225,000 and still runs good. I have been waiting for some major repair to come-up, but it has never happened. original engine and transmission - repairs have been - power steering hoses, cv boots, water pump, starter- that's about it nothing major. excellent - glad I bought the V6, I think they last longer than the 4 bangers

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Wish I could buy a new one

veconomos, 01/29/2014
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Last week my bf was using my Camry on interstate 81 and was rear ended by some nut who came upon him doing about 90 mph. The Camry then spun off the road and hit a tree. It was totally demolished from every angle but he was able to get out and walk away with only some bruises. The back end was hit so hard that the gas tank should have exploded (had a full tank of gas) but it never did. That was the best car ever. I had it four years, inherited it from my Mom who had it five years. I had to replace the radiator and the exhaust and that was it. The car never failed me, was great to drive, and got at LEAST 40 mpg. I am looking for another one, don't care if it is old. It was better than new.

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Camry forever

Toy4life, 05/27/2010
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I bought mine 3 years ago almost to the day with 150,000 miles on it. I can't believe it's already been 3 years, but got me thinking, this is the best car I've owned. I've owned Chevy, Fords & Toyotas, had a Tundra before this, but didn't like all the gas on the Tundra. Anyhow, this car is like I've heard, Bulletproof, now has 205,000 miles on it, never a problem. I change the oil myself every 3000 miles & drive it 50 miles 4 days a week. It still gets, & I'm amazed by this, going 60-65 mph on the freeway, 37 miles a gallon! I use fuel/injector cleaner once a month to aid in this. The white paint is still in great shape with a twice a year waxing. Could be the million mile car!

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96 Camry Collectors Edition Going Strong

Carl, 03/17/2008
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This car is meant to keep going. I have now put over 255,000 miles on the car and it still runs very well. The car is very comfortable for the driver and for up to 4 passengers (both long and short trips). 188hp very peppy for a mid-sized car. The exterior looks are phenomenal, basically a Lexus in Camry clothes. Interior has held up very well for 12 year old leather. Even with today's fancier features (nav, heated mirrors, etc) I would buy this car again in a heart beat. Camry (Cam-Mou-ri = Crown in japanese) is the gem of the Toyota lineup. I am very pleased with the long life, high miles, and literally NO maintenance of this vehicle.

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!996 Toyota Camry

edmunds347, 08/13/2013
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We bought our Camry used with 92,000 miles on it and now we have almost 280,000 miles on it. We just had to replace the radiator and last year we replace the timing belt because we thought it was about time to. We have the oil changed every 3000 to 4000 miles. The check engine light is on because the catalytic converter needs replaced. Other than a few little minor things, the car still runs great. I trust it to go anywhere.

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1996 and still LOVE my Camry Collector Edition!!

Linda S., 03/12/2016
LE 4dr Sedan
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I bought this baby in '98 and have loved her ever since! 195,000 miles and still runs and looks great. Trying to find a replacement car as I would like to get better gas milage. Everytime I get gas I check the mpg and in 25/75 (city/hwy) have averaged 21.5 mpg. For the past 3 tanks I've used premium and averaged 25 mpg. I don't see the newer, comparable cars getting much better. I love that this car has given me no problems. Every car has things needing replacement as they wear out, but I haven't been plagued by things going wrong over and over. Only glich is that if you leave the headlights on for 10 minutes the battery goes dead. It's not the battery as it does it with new batteries, too. I can live with this... Excelleration is smooth and so is the ride. I like having lots of power when I need it. 60/40 split back seat is great! Many new cars are not offering this anymore. Because this is the Collector Editon, it comes with the Lexus Pearl White paint with Silver bumpers and it has held up and still looks new! Interior has leather seats, wood grain trim and upgraded stereo, Cassette/Tape player with 6 speakers. Toyota really produced a fantastic car with this one. Was considering a Nissan Altima as a replacement until I heard there are lots of problems with the CVT transmissions! So far, have not found a car that I like well enought to replace this Camry. Will keep her for now...

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Great car sorry to see it go.

pjz3, 04/08/2012
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When I bought my 1996 Toyota camry just under two years ago I was looking for a car to get me from point A to point B, basic transportation until I could afford something better. After looking around I finally found my 1996 Camry with about 82,000 miles I paid a little more than I wanted to for the car but knowing how reliable they are and having read countless reviews of how dependable they are I bought it. I was impressed with the power of the 2.2L 4cyl. ,it's no speed demon but has no problem merging and keeping up or passing at highway speeds. Very comfortable ride for it's age and no rattles even after 16 years on the road. I finally bought a new car and I'm sorry to see this one go.

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Can't get anything better

Psynopsis, 11/18/2009
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My parents purchased our Camry used in 1997 and it has endured years of use. It never has failed me. I came into ownership of it in early 2007 and I'll admit I have abused it yet this amazing car keeps going and going! It's gone through 6 ft of water, taken off road, even slid off a road a few times during a snow storm yet it still runs strong. Currently has over 242,000 miles on it and shows little signs of aging. Quiet, efficient, and forever reliable. If you want something that will last you forever, get a Camry. P.S. I don't abuse the car anymore. :]

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Best Car I have owned!

marioinarp, 02/20/2011
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Great car bought used in 2007, now 4 years later have only had to replace a/c Compressor at 190,050 miles car has over 220,000 miles now and runs like NEW! Very fuel efficent on the highway. Very low maintanance. I LOVE THIS CAMRY!

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Do Not Hesitate - Best Car I've Owned

Dan, 01/22/2010
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My wife bought this car before we were married for $6000 w/ 50K miles on it from an older woman. It now has 140,000 miles. We have taken it on old forest service roads and through small streams, packed to the brim with camping gear and a canoe strapped on top. It is comfortable and reliable - I *never* worry about breaking down or repair costs with this car. In 90K miles we have done the regular maintenance and service: timing belt & water pump, spark plugs and wires, and oil changes. Other than that, we had to replace a seal on the final drive unit and both CV boots. Overall, $1500 worth of repairs and maintenance for 90K miles of hard driving. Simply the best car we have owned.

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