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2001 Suzuki Esteem

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Good family car/ great on fuel

Mr.Chris, 09/24/2010
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Traded my gas guzzling Blazer for this car. This is the second esteem I have owned. the first was a 1999. The CV axles are only good it seems for 100- 130k miles. Comfortable, not a powerhouse by any means but good on gas and the A/C is freezing cold. I have almost 150K on it currently and have had really good luck with Suzuki products as a cheaper alternative to Honda with the same reliability. Folks, keep up maintenance to make it last. Simple. Regular oil changes, tune ups etc. That simple. Fun to drive, I have a bad back at age 33 so the firm seats are great. The factory CD player isn't working but the radio does. I really have no complaints. GREAT ON GAS.

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Bulletproof Engines

aaronwolfe, 03/12/2004
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What is it about motorcycle companies that move on to building cars, they make the best engines. This is the second suzuki I've owned (the first was a sidekick 4 dr), I'm pretty abusive to engines in general, high RPMs & irregular oil changes, and I can't ask for a more dependable powerplant. The rest of the car is only so-so, but I know that the car will still be tooling down the road at well over 200,000 miles.

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2001 Suzuki Esteem GLX+ Wagon

Ryan Grennan, 10/09/2005
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I'm glad I did my research before finally deciding on my Suzuki Wagon. This wagon is really a hidden gem in the minefield of Ford wagons and the Subaru . None of them can compare to the relibablity of the Esteem. It has the room I needed without sacrificing fuel economy. Best of all, it's subtle sportiness gets compliments from classmates at college while still being respectable at the workplace. This car has never given me any problems and from what I have heard, I don't expect any down the line either.

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Outstanding, Reliable Transportation

JCRobin, 12/27/2008
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I've owned this little car for almost 6 years and drive it to and from work and around town everyday. It runs flawlessly and is actually kinda fun to drive, for a basic economy car. The engine is the best component, typical as with Suzuki motorcycles. Clarion stero is junk but easily replaced. OK it's not a Lexus but I have had absolutely no problems, it's great on gas and I intend and expect to drive it to 200k+ with only normal good maintenance practices. What more could someone expect from any car especially a value-priced underrated bargain. I will surely buy another Suzuki when the time comes.

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What are you doing

richdaddy123, 02/05/2005
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I don't know what the other reviewers are doing to their cars, maybe abusing them, but I have had nothing go wrong with this car whatsoever. My parents had this same car (wagon version) and they had no troubles either. This is not a hot rod car. It's a car to get around town, and it does that very well. By the way, my parents were so impressed with the Esteem, when they traded it in they bought another Suzuki, and have had no trouble with it either.

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