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204,000 miles and going strong!

Clifton Swanson, 12/05/2015
L.L. Bean Edition AWD 4dr Wagon (3.0L 6cyl 4A)
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I suppose that every car is different, some have problems, but my 2001 L.L. Bean Outback has been as good as it gets. Almost no repairs except routine maintenance which I observe religiously. Runs like new. I keep trying to persuade myself to get a new car but when I get in and drive it, I just don't see why. I bought it for $22,000 when it was one year old with 25,000 miles on it so someone really used it but didn't hurt it. Must have been a lease car. It is so well made; the fit and finish are outstanding. I'm afraid to buy a new car! Update with 215,000 miles. Still love the car but it's beginning to show its age. There was rust around the moon roofs that I spent $1,500 fixing and it's perfect...amazing. The rubber boots around the axels (something like that) had to be replaced twice, now, in the past 15 years. I think a motor mount is going to need replacement. The leather driver's seat has cracked and replacement material is not available. The motor is perfect and burns no oil, whatsoever. Still reluctant to get a new car.

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Subaru Wins

joseph_barney, 10/26/2011
AWD 4dr Wagon (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I Love my Subaru Outback. I bought it at an auto auction for $1250. due to the last owners beliefs about changing their oil I now have about $3000 all together in the vehicle including purchase price. I do my own labor as I'm slightly mechanically inclined and have a new rear sub frame, complete 3m undercoat to stop rust, and a new 85,000 miles used engine. The 2001 Subaru outback is exceptionally easy to work on by ANYONE. just buy the service manual at any auto parts store and you can do anything on your vehicle. All the sensors that do go bad are located on top of the engine block, easy. At 213k the tired old engine still pushed my outback to 122mph. The Subaru 2.5 has plenty of power.

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Gets the job done

bloul11, 01/05/2011
AWD 4dr Wagon (2.5L 4cyl 4A)
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I bought my outback with 73K on it, It now has 140K. It is our grocery getter child transporter. Does great in the snow. I can get about 26-28 mpg city/Hwy. It does leak oil, i fear may be the dreaded Subaru head gasket. Thought it went out about 5K ago but it was the water pump. Shop said heads were fine. Interior is nice I do have leather package but not the limited. good comfort for long trips. I would buy another with out question. Only other issues are some electrical in steering column that makes turn signal sound for no reason, cruise control stopped working and horn no longer works. Also have to replace 4 tires at a time due to AWD.

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Hi Miler Bargan Mover

Dilbert, 05/07/2010
L.L. Bean Edition AWD 4dr Wagon (3.0L 6cyl 4A)
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OK, So I wanted ONE car to replace my three: MR2, Miata, & F250 4x4... Was looking at many options in the Small SUV market including the Forester [like driving in a fish bowl and under powered w/o Turbo] and with a very limited budget [darned economy] I was very lucky to find mine [priced low because it had 169k miles on the clock] 1. The power is 'very adequate' even surprising at times. The trade-off is a few MPG and having to buy Premium fuel, but annually for me this only amounts to $150, and no Timing Belt worries or Head Gasket problems with the H6! 2. It handles better than an SUV, but no MR2. 3. I've moved a ton of bricks [with trailer] about as much as the F250 could w/ trailer.

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I've loved this car from the word GO!

foxfirekenzie, 08/29/2013
AWD 4dr Wagon (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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I bought this Subaru in '05 with just over 50,000 miles on it. I LOVED it so much. It rallied in the snow, I never got stuck while living in Utah winters. I did have to replace the tie rods and cv joint but that is understandable having 127,000 miles on it. I love the way the car rides and feels substantial on the road without being luggy. The gas mileage was around 20-24. The head gaskets did seep oil and the check engine light had a mind of its own but the car ran like a champ! I am a Subaru fan for life-this was my third one. I sold this car a week ago to buy a newer one and I am very much regretting that choice because I miss it! Great for towing, camping and hauling all of sorts.

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