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very pleased

kc66, 10/21/2011
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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bought this car over 2 years ago with 120,000 miles on it and already put over 70,000 miles in that time. Have had to replace both front cv axles and tie rods, and 1 bearing. So far I've been able to do all the work myself so in material I have only put $250.00 in it. Its been a very hard working car. The AWD is amazing and the flat 4 is very peppy. I get 25 to 29 mpg and I have driven it from northern virginia to southern florida and back with not 1 problem. I hope the car runs another 100,000 and I would buy another.

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Awesome Drive

condo9, 10/21/2002
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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I LOVE THIS CAR. I have put over 80,000 miles on my Outback in 2 years. I bought it because I backpack, bike, and haul my dogs around..Plus, I wanted a car that was going to last me more than 200,000 miles. I've been to CO, TN, MO, and IN, in rain, snow, ice, and am completely satisfied with this car's ability to handle it all.

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Hope to NEVER own one ever again@

lucymo, 06/28/2012
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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at 6 years and 114K miles headgaskets failed despite the special sealant/conditioner that Subaru applied to the coolant. Had to replace them and the engine that warped due to overheating (the thermometer never showed signs of overheating). Then, the catalytic converter needed to be replaced, and a whole bunch of other expensive parts. For the money I spent on this car in the last 7 years I could have purchased a new car! The tranny is starting to go - won't shift into D (at 150K m). Since I already put so much money into it, I can't part with it, but it just keeps failing... Very unreliable. I do all scheduled maintenance on time. The only good thing about it is the wagon size - gigantic

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172K Test Drive

RobInIllinois, 05/27/2009
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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I owned a 94 Legacy that I loved and ran to 200 K miles. This has been a disappointment. The Tranny failed at about 70 K and is failing again. Every winter the engine smells like gas as the metal fuel rail contracts. The head gasket is seeping oil.

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Teen's first car

kidchauffeur, 08/22/2009
L 4dr Wagon AWD
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We bought this for our high school student to drive. We feel happy that she's in a relatively safe (but maneuverable) car, and she enjoys driving it. (We were looking for underpowered with ABS brakes -- AWD was a bonus -- much appreciated those nights when she drives on rain-slick roads.) It's nearly 10 years old, but does not look it. It probably isn't easy to make a teen smile with a 10- year-old car, but this one does. One note: SUPER IMPORTANT to get the engine treatments. This one had up-to- date engine treatments and Subaru USA was able to tell us when next is due.

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