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Mini Lexus 300

J Snow, 12/11/2009
2.5i 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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Previously drove 2000 and 2002 Impreza hatchbacks. This one is by far the quietest and smoothest driving. Gas mileage about same as 2002 2.5l. Really like the window door frames. Hate limited visibility of sloping back of car and temporary roof rack mounting kit. Standard equipment Bridgestone Potenza tires ride well. Added sheepskin seat covers make front seats comfortable. Lost a couple of wheel well plastic screws holding front fender - sloppy construction. 5-speed gear box smoother than past models, accelerates nicely. Less cargo space than past Impreza models. Best looking Impreza so far and dead ringer as little sister to Lexus 300 SUV.

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I love my impreza

ascehp, 02/07/2011
2.5i 4dr Sedan AWD w/Premium Package (2.5L 4cyl 4A)
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Ive had this car for a month or so, drive it daily as does my husband who kinda thinks its his. Only have a couple of complaints- Interior space is small, my husband who's 6'3 has to push driverside chair all the way back. My toddler's seat sits pretty close to front, so his footprints are everywhere. also found out about the snow issue prev mentioned. Only found out bc husband likes squishing piles of snow. Once the engine was hot it melted and everything was fine. Got up to 65 before shaking started and it was minor. Still I love my car and so does everyone who gets to drive it!

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2009 Subaru Impreza - Poor in Heavy Snow

djarvinen, 12/17/2010
2.5i 4dr Sedan AWD (2.5L 4cyl 4A)
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The 2009 Subaru Impreza we purchased has for the most part been a very good car. It handles well, has plenty of power, controls are well placed, is spacious and has very nice styling. The big problem is handling in heavy snow! The car has a design flaw that allows snow to build up above the front axle which causes heavy vibrations above 45 mph. At 60 mph the vibrations become violent. We were told by the dealership that we would need to use a high pressure hose to clear the snow out (pretty hard to do in inclement weather/conditions).

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Great for only 7 years, disappointing longevity.

Randy Buss, 08/03/2015
Outback Sport 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.5L 4cyl 5M)
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First 7 years it was a good, however, I didn't get longevity from it. On 7-31-15 the engine suddenly blew without reason. Two weeks prior, I checked the fluids (oil in particular) and all levels were good, but on the way home from work I suddenly felt and heard loud clanking sounds along with a drop in acceleration/power going up a hill on the highway. I was fortunate to be approaching a rest area exit when this occurred so as to immediately pull off the highway just as the engine stalled. First thing I checked was the oil level, and the dip stick was completely dry. When the tow truck arrived, the towing mechanic started it and immediately turned it back off and said it sounds like something was ready to fly apart. The next day they informed me the engine is blown and needs to be replaced with a rebuilt or new engine. Estimated cost: $4,500 to $5,000 to replace the blown engine with a rebuilt engine. What upsets me and disturbs me the most about this is I took meticulous care of the vehicle, as I do with all of our vehicles. Furthermore, there were no warning lights that appeared when the engine blew, until the engine stalled out. No low oil pressure lights, no low oil level lights, no check engine lights, nothing! And how is it that it burned through four quarts of the oil withing a two week span. When this occurred the car only had 120,000 miles on it, and was only 7 years old. Granted, I haven't had any issues with it until now, but I also hadn't planned on having to fork out $4000-$5000 for a rebuilt engine, or purchase a new vehicle for at least another 10 years. All of the vehicles I've owned (Pontiac, Mercury, Dodge, Nissan) I've used for at least 15 years each and well into the 250,000 mile range, and I've never had any major problems with them. With the research I've done since this incident, I've discovered a class action law suite against Subaru for an issue with their engines that strongly resembles what happened with my Subaru engine, to which prosecuting attorneys are disclosing facts that Subaru has known about the issue and has neither disclosed information about the engine defect to their customers nor has Subaru done anything to correct the known issue. Instead, Subaru continued to sell cars with a serious engine defect, to which they knew about, which could be life threatening under certain circumstances. Prior to this incident, I planned on making this car last me another 10 years, at which time I would purchase only one more vehicle prior to retiring. As a result of this incident and the class action law suite against Subaru that I've discovered, I will NEVER purchase another Subaru. Since I've now purchased two other new vehicles since this incident with the Subaru, (2016 Honda Fit EX & a 2018 Honda HR-V EX), I've discovered how inferior the Subaru vehicles are in comparison to Honda. If you want comfort, technology, handling, and most of all reliability, go with Honda! I never realized how uncomfortably low and stiff the impreza ride is until I checked out Honda vehicles.

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Not your neighbors subaru

firsttimer, 08/31/2009
WRX STI 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.5L 4cyl Turbo 6M)
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One month into ownership of my STI, and what a pleasure to drive. Driven hard in the S# mode it is quite the quick sports car, but move into the I mode and it is pleasantly sedate. Owned an E36 M3, 535xi, RX-7, Prelude over the years. This car the best combination of performance and practicality by far. Never considered the brand before, but glad I did. Love the ability to haul people and golf clubs, and the AWD will be important in the winter. While expensive for a Subaru, a great value. Never had so many people look twice before..the scarcity of the car keeps many wondering what it is.

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