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A Good Car

Frank, 01/02/2008
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I have owned the WRX for over six months now and I enjoy driving it but off the show room floor it does not perform as well as I had hoped. Fortunately there are solutions to some of the performance problems. Better tires made a big difference in handling and ride quality. 22 mpg is okay but 28 or better would help the wallet a bit. The quality of the interior materials is sufficent. I have not had any problems there.

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Great Performance, Not a Commuter Car

Amanda, 02/21/2007
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Has a comfortable ride, with great power in acceleration (highway especially). It's got guts to it, made for speed, so lead foots beware. Braking takes getting used to, because of AWD. As noted by many magazines, gas mileage is poor (my average is 23 MPG). Interior is simplified nothing fancy. Of all the cars I test drove in this class, for me these race inspired seats are the most comfortable (I'm 5'9). The stock CD/sound system is good and easy to use, also arrangement of speakers are well done. Can't forget handling, the car turns corners amazingly. Steering is nimble.

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Awsome car

jdvozz72, 02/02/2012
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Love the car!

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A better SAAB...?

Doug, 10/04/2009
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3rd Impreza, 5th Subaru. A sports sedan with SUBSTANCE. Subaru AWD has pulled us through winter whiteouts (even with the performance Bridgestone RE-92 tires) when 4wd pickups and SUVs were all over the place. Solid construction--some of that vault-like feel of the Europeans, without the disappointments. Love the Alfa-esque styling; my "hog-nose" the last of the good-looking Imprezas before Subaru began taking their styling cues from the Koreans. More than adequate power & handling for my needs from base 2.5i. Instrument layout, gauge lighting superb. Quirky enough to start a cult-following, yet reliable to keep those of us on a budget coming back for more. A better SAAB? Just MAYBE...

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I love my Subie

Andy, 12/13/2006
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I just sold my 99 Mustang GT and got an 07 Impreza. Great car. Plenty of pep considering it uses the same engine as the Impreza RS's used from 1999-2005 and it has pretty much the same 0-60 time as the Civic SI for less. The AWD is a blessing in adverse weather. This is my second Subaru and definitely won't be my last. I'll have to step up to a WRX next time though. I highly suggest adding the foglights and spoiler to the vehicle. They really complete the rally like look these cars are bred for.

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Hate my Impreza!!

Mehmet, 01/24/2009
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I bought this 2007 Subaru Impreza in summer. I did not have any problems back then. However, as the winter came, I started to have problems with my car. It was getting more difficult to get the engine started. The Subaru service is very kind in Turkey. They even traveled many miles to get my home and tried to fix my car two times in front of my home. (They also tried two times at their service department with the same result.) But the car is the same if it is not getting worse. This is my second winter with this car and the words are not enough to describe my experiences. I have to get up at 12:30 am and drive this car about 15 minutes so that it works in the winter mornings easier.

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70,000 mile update

Fandango, 08/28/2009
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I've put more than 70,000 miles on this car, and I still love getting into it and snicking through the gears, zipping through the twisties and feeling the power as I explore the upper range of the RPMs. I've had no mechanical problems whatsoever, and, believe it or not, I'm only now getting ready to replace the original set of Bridgestone tires. The car consistently gets 29-32 mpg. With its simple, almost primitive features and great handling, it reminds me of an old British sports car. It was made for people who love to drive.

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Crashed with no scratches!

Mo, 06/09/2010
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This car was great maintenance and reliability wise, I live in a mountainous region with ice, snow, and potholes. Then we crashed it going 50 mph into a stopped vehicle with no scratches on our bodies. The car was totaled. Definitely buying another Subaru!

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Fun little car but nothing exceptional

SugarBear, 02/26/2008
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I love to drive this car! It's so much fun! BUT, the back seats do not fold down which kills me and the interior is pretty standard. No really extra features. I think if I were to do it over, I would get the Legacy instead b/c of the sunroom, and the more comfortable and luxorious interior or go with the WRX version. I have never had any problems with the car and the Subaru dealerships have always been great at doing maintainence and answering any questions that I have. The gas mileage is all right... I get around 28 mpg depending.

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GTI, Mazdaspeed3 - no comparison

Car Aficionado, 02/06/2007
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The WRX is a phenomenal car. Not only because of its price tag but also because of its performance, reliability, and its rally breed uniqueness. This is the car that forged the way for the likes of the other AWD performance cars - i.e., the Mazdaspeed6, Audi A3, R32 etc... however it's quite a bit cheaper. It still baffles me why the R32 is compared performance wise to the STI - its acceleration is not better than the stock WRX. The GTI is not in the same league. The Mazda3speed is a great car. If you're not interested in AWD it's a great choice. I do like the front 2004 & 2005 front fascia better than the 2006 & 2007. The stock 17" rims should have been offered from the very beginning.

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