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2nd Saturn

jenniferp3, 02/09/2013
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This is the second Saturn that I have owned. I still own the first one. It is 10 years old with 250,000 miles and still going strong. I bought that car young and did not keep up with the maintenance, it has been side swiped, caught on fire and driven cross country twice. Yet, it still lives! I have never put more than a thousand dollars in to it for parts. So of course I bought another one. These are not the most comfortable cars, but for the price that's what you get. My second car has 85,000 miles and is 7 years old and I plan on keeping it for many more years. These are VERY reliable cars

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Owning my Saturn ION

Amy Jordan, 09/06/2006
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I've had no problems owning this car. It has been a wonderful car since day one. I love the way it hugs corners, and the seats really support my body. I love the center dash because I don't really have to take my eyes off of the road to monitor my speed and other things, whereas you would to look between the steering wheel in a typical mounted dash. This economy sedan really puts the fun back into driving. The car is very responsive, but not too responsive like some cars. It seems to get pretty good gas mileage. This car performs very similar to a 6 cylinder car although it is a 4-cylinder. So I get good gas mileage in a car with plenty of power to get out of the way.

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Justin Swift, 11/17/2006
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This makes my 3rd Saturn and I love it. Smooth ride and low interior noise. Not a whole lot of shift shock from the auto transmission and it also has very good acceleration. The power steering is excellent, and it seems to really hug the corners. The suspension is very nice also, you don't even really notice going over RR tracks. Also very roomy for a smaller car. Excellent head room. The sunroof leaked early on, and Saturn gave me a loaner car and fixed it right away. So great service on their part. Also the low pressure approach of their sales team made the buying experience great.

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very reliable!!!

suntan78, 01/09/2014
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2.4 has been a great car low maintenance other than the recalls with power steering and fuel pump the car has not had any problems. put gas in and go. owned it since new in 2007 regular maintenance. Only thing I don't have to worry about is my car it always starts and drive anywhere I need it be it a short trip or across Florida. I have the larger motor 2.4 average 24 city and 29 highway. No regrets buying this car most reliable car of my 20 cars I've owned.

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sunrise7, 03/28/2014
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I owned a body shop and have been around many cars.. yes it could add some extra sleek looks but when i bought mine new 10 years ago and 160K later I was looking for something I can depend on.. and this was the car. Best car I have ever owned.

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Reliable 30 MPG

07saturn, 12/15/2013
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2007 Saturn Ion company car with 163K miles. Drive 75 mph on the highway and get 30 mpg consistently. All electrical works with no problems, leather seats still look good (no rips or tears). Normal repairs with one exception. Exhaust pipe behind motor(flex pipe) is also attached to cat. converter. Over $700 for new pipe with converter at dealer. Front suspension bushings have been replaced twice. Motor runs great, uses no oil. Car is dependable and has not let me down.

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Re-skinned cobalt

potatomasher, 11/28/2012
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Bought my Saturn ion sedan for about $6000 with the manual, from private party. As an engineer, I value my Ion. Fun to drive, kinda sporty for compact sedan. Made in Tennessee Comfortable seats Decent fuel economy with the 2.2. I averaged about 27-30 mixed driving. Reliable engine. Easy to work on compared to imports. Two bolts to remove this and that. Nobody I know has a positive thing to say about the styling...however it has composite panels to last on salty Wisconsin roads. This ion won't look like Swiss cheese in 10 years, and believe me, I am tired of working on rusty vehicles. Think of it as a more durable Chevy Cobalt. Have had no problems at all with my Ion.

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Truckin Along

huntermcc, 02/06/2013
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I have 120k miles on my ion 3 and it's still truckin along just fine. At around 100k I had the infamous power steering glitch, it would go out till you restarted your car but after a week it stopped. Havent had it happen in 20k miles. Just keep up with your maintenance and change the oil every 3-5k and itll last forever. I havent had one thing go wrong since I got it at 65k. I am 6'4" and its not the most comfortable to get in and out of if your a big person, but other than that there is nothing to complain about.

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A Headache

genine84, 01/26/2012
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I purchased my 2007 Level 2 in Nov 2006 new... I did not have major problems with it until about two years ago when it began leaking gas... The fuel pump was recalled, but Saturn refused to fix it... Last year, I got a letter stating that the power steering could possibly go out on the car...Well, not long after I got that letter, it did. They still refused to fix it... Other than that, it gets great mileage and is somewhat dependable @ 190k miles...

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Big Mistake

Christina3110, 11/29/2009
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LEMON! This car is nothing but problems. First a head gasket replacement at 24000 miles then the power steering went at 32000 miles and now the front wheel drive is all jacked up. overall a terrible running car with way too many problems for the mileage and year purchased and I only drive to and from work, no hard driving. Very cheap feel to it and not reliable at all. I would love to have my Civic back!!!

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