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A Car to Drive to the Track

Travis, 02/05/2007
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Though the design is merely an aerodynamically improved version of the standard 911 with a "flying taco" rear wing and a chin spoiler that is difficult to navigate over many dips, the 997 GT3 is the most fun car I have ever had the pleasure of driving. The car handles as if it were an rails with a ride to match. The suspension is stiff and communicative while the shifter is exact and positive. The straight line performance is on par with the likes of the 1999-2004 Ferrari 360 Modena, while its handling is that of a well tested and balanced race car. One warning: the car is low and and many find it too rough a ride to drive daily.

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Great Ride

blueGT3, 12/22/2007
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GT3 is a one of the all time great rides. Drove 16 hrs down the east coast as snow was soon arriving, got 26 mpg, no tickets, it's 70 degrees. GT3 is built like a vault. Everything works flawlessly. Exhaust note is exceptional when you want it, and quiet when you don't. The least conspicuous supercar made but still gets tons of looks and comments, along with cell phone picture taking. The ceramic brakes are remarkable often the standard in braking comparisons. 3000 perfect miles since August.

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2007 Porsche 911 GT3

TK, 01/29/2008
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I recently traded my '06 Z06 for an '07 GT3. Best decision I have ever made. The Z06 is extremely fast, has awesome brakes and is one of my favorite cars that I have owned. Why trade in a car that I was perfectly happy with? While the Z06 is like being strapped into a massive rocket, the GT3 is like every limb having its' own individual rocket. The connectivity to the GT3 is unbelievable. The response to every input is precise and right now. The "bang for your buck" argument of the Z06 is a lost one if you can afford a GT3. It is WAY more fun to drive and has a TON more character and refinement - crisp feel of the shifter, the rapid revs, and the absence of the "bath tub" feel set it apart

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All-Singing, All-Dancing, All-Conquering

Karl H, 05/14/2007
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This is a stupendous car! I've been a Porsche aficionado for 25 years. This is my 5th Porsche, and I never imagined it could be this good. It goes, stops and (mostly) handles at a level that is beyond my experience. It is very user-friendly, and a complete pussycat to learn, unlike the hair-shirt 996 GT3s. It is a fundamentally understeering car, which is the key to its benign nature. Alas, the understeer is too much of a good thing. It needs more adjustability so the push can be overcome by knowledgable owners. That said, it was sooo satisfying to put away a Viper, a Corvette Z06, all BMWs, all other Porsches and most everything else I encountered at Watkins Glen last weekend!

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Greatest Car Ever ?

ALAN.AYLING, 12/13/2007
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The Car is simply exhilarating but extraordinarily straightforward to drive. However it is not for the faint hearted or uncommitted driver. It demands concentration every moment at the wheel. It is the first car that I have driven that ensures that I am not interested in a radio, the CD player or the scenery beyond the road ahead. The car obeys every input, is totally surefooted and yet blows your mind every time you hit the accelerator. On top of this the car is a great investment and has a fantastic build quality. I hate cars that shake or squeak at every twist, turn or bump in the road. This my second porsche and I doubt that I will ever be happy with any other alternative in the future.

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A disappointing street car, but...

khaug, 09/26/2007
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After 9 months and 3400 miles, I've come to feel that my GT3 is so capable that driving it on the street is an exercise in fustration. You can't use even 50% of the car's performance without risking a ticket or endangering other motorists. So mine sits in the garage most of the time. On racetracks, it's a totally different story. The car is very easy to drive to the limit and will do lap after lap at the max with no sign of strain whatever. It is really a piece of work!

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