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Lots of looks

Larry Carson, 02/13/2006
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I bought my GXP in Octber of 2005. I love this car. I get a lot of looks and finger pointing. My wife said it makes me look and act younger. Very fun car to drive.

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favorite car in 26 years of driving

Scott, 12/06/2009
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Ok, i have had a lot of cars! 3 brand new ones and 25 used. This is my first Pontiac but I have had many GM's. The first time i drove it i new i was going to buy it. Sounded good, seats and interior are like a cockpit of a jet plane. The only negative is its really hard to accelerate without the front tires breaking loose. This is my favorite vehicle of all time. I would highly recommend this car to anyone that likes a sporty sedan with a great motor, great looks, great comfort, and a great exhaust sound.

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Was a good ride

Randall Kakara, 11/12/2015
GXP 4dr Sedan (5.3L 8cyl 4A)
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My wife, average height always complained about blind spots. We bought the car new in 2005 and got 10 good years out of it, but I can never say it was a comfortable ride, esp as WE got older. It became painful on my back to sit in on long trips, and we both had some difficulty climbing out of it as compared to an SUV

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Nice looks and powerful engine but...

Josh, 11/03/2008
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The looks of this car is what sold me. Beautifal car. I was looking at an 2002 Trans Am, but couldn't find one in good enough shape for the price. Bad things - at 40,000 intermediate steering shaft needed replaced, I guess this is standard as I have seen it many times in other reviews. Leaks from either the windsheild seal or from the antena are common. Water comes through the front dome light, luckily right into the cup holder. Brakes have become horrible, pads are at half wear and squeel noticeably loud, probably due to the drilled rotors. Significant rattle coming from the undercarriage, maybe exhaust? Only happens when in 'Drive', shift to neutral and the noise disappears.

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numerous problems

Paul, 06/15/2009
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bought this car new, now has 76K. Have replaced front hub, needing 2nd rear wheel speed sensor, and heads-up display is out. This car has left me stranded on the road 3 times with electrical or fuel problems that they cannot find, always in hot weather, stop and go, driving. Acts like something going thermal. Left me sitting in Nashville for a weekend the first time. Now the front end is falling apart. It will probably be gone soon! This is my 3rd. new GM and by far the highest cost to maintain. Have a '90 Baretta with 240K that has needed less!

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GXP is Awesome

Dana, 06/09/2005
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I have had my GXP for about 3 weeks and it turns heads everywhere I go! I Love this car the ride is smooth and the performance of the V8 is awesome. This is my 3rd new grand prix in 7 years I must say the Grand Prix has been a very dependable car and I have never had any problems with any of them.

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GXP Awesome and it growls

Matthew, 06/11/2005
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I have`just purchased a Pontiac Grand Prix GXP after trading in an 04 COMP G. The new car is awesome and it growls like a. tiger. If you want some power and need an exciting ride this is the car for you

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Huge Fun to Drive

Naples, FL, 07/23/2005
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0-60 in under 6 sec, pretty impressive for a 4 door grocery getter. The engine makes beautiful music, unmistakable V8 growl from the tailpipes. Very responsive handling while not completely sacrificing a comfortable ride-the engineers found a good balance. Pontiac is marketing more stuff to the enthusiast lately, they can be proud of this one.

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It sounds great

Thebigb, 11/01/2005
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Traded a 2003 Yukon for 2006 Grand Prix GXP. Had read review in various magazines and lived up to all of the hype. Fantastic power, great features, and best of all the $34000. list was reduced to $27,500 out the door. Car is equipped with every available option including Nav and power sun roof. GM dealers are willing to deal big time right now, and you can get those "employee discounts" without the program. This car was on the dealers lot for over 30 days, so he wanted to move it. Got it in black with black interior. Just looks real cool.

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Cool Car

Kevin, 12/23/2005
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All and all, this is an awesome car. Many are complaining about the fuel economy or the bumpy ride, but guess what, this is a sports car, not a geo! I gave this car a low rating on fuel economy, but I knew that going in. That is not why I bought the car. The fuel economy is not that important to me, but the size of the tank is. Even with the DOD, this car goes through alot of fuel, so why the puny 16 gal tank? Other than that, I love this car, very fun to drive, very comfortable (unless you are over 6 ft, I'm 5'10'' so I'm good), and tons of cargo area. I put six golf bags in the trunk without folding the seats.

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