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1995 Pontiac GTP 3.4 Liter DOHC

GTP, 04/19/2008
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I bought this car used with 102,000 miles on it, for only $3400. This V-6 engine is AMAZING. It makes 215 HP which is MORE than my old 1970 Chevelle with 307 V-8 had (200 HP), a car I drove when I was a kid. Need I say more ? Pontiac put 4 cams and 16 valves on this V-6 60 degree engine and it runs like a small V8. All the power options are really nice, and you'll get addicted to the steering wheel radio controls. Gas mileage- 19-20 mpg city, 27 mpg highway. Considering the power, pretty good. I recently drove the same year car with 3.1 liter and the 3.1 is a dog compared to my DOHC 3.4 I drive my GTP with EGR valve disconnected-more power and response-easy to do, just unplug it.

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1995 Pontiac Grand Prix Special Edition

gp1995, 02/13/2004
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This 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix Special Edition is a reliable car. It is the 3.4 liter special edition, white exterior color package. It is fun to drive because it has Magnasteer II just like the new 2004 Grand Prix. The interior design is adequate because it is meant for a grown up who desires a sports car feel. The exterior design is nice because it has a large body side door molding for protection. It is a bit heavy for the 210hp engine. It does not have much acceleration as Pontiac advertised in 1995. In summary, it is a good car when compared to todays Grand Prix.

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LOVE this car

grandprix, 08/14/2015
SE 2dr Coupe
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My dad bought this car about 5-6 years ago. The previous owner took horrible care of the car, and it was on its way to the junk yard. He paid $500 for pretty much a hunk of junk. After fixing it up, it ran beautifully. It made it through numerous hour long road trips. Has over 200k miles on it and still runs great. A couple problems throughout the years. Brake line went out, yet no real damage happened to the car or my sister after rear ending someone. I've gotten stuck in and out of the car during the winter numerous times. Had to replace the brake pads a few times. So those are the cons. The pros, I've never gotten stuck in the snow, gas lasts me about 2 weeks. Its a great first car to have, not too high maintenance.

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george freier, 03/21/2002
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The transmission went out, impossible or expensive to fix. Wears out even the best brake pads quickly.

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Was just awful

brad, 10/14/2009
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I bought the car for 2000, i should have known. just one month after purchasing it, there was nightmares. Luckily i bought a warranty. They replace steering, trans, motor, ball joint, the list goes on. They never did fix the problem which was no power and random shifting. A couple months after i sold it, buyer told me the head blew. I wouldn't reccomend this car. I loved it for the first month, after that, it was a nightmare...

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GTP Questionable

mark275, 06/20/2009
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Fun to drive but did cost me quite a bit in maintenance. Needed to replace the timing belt three times at about $500 each. Developed an oil leak around rear main seal at about 100k. Main bearing cracked around 125k and that was it for me. The alternator needed to be replaced twice at about $300 each since it is located underneath the engine and is difficult to replace. Cruise control quit working around 57k and did not even bother to fix since I was quoted at about $400 by numerous mechanics. Trunk leaked water and was only fixed by sealing all the seams in the trunk. Windshield and sunroof leaked water at about 80k. Would not suggest buying even though it looks cool and is cheap.

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Best Car I Ever Owned

Bob_18052, 06/27/2002
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Most reliable car I have ever owned. Still looks and runs great after seven years of high mileage use, mostly highway driving. This car has been driven to every corner of the U.S. and has never had a breakdown. 30 mpg at 70 mph with the AC on. Excellent tire wear. First brake job at 105000 miles!! Quiet, smooth ride with Yokohama Avid Touring tires.

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Awesome Car

tommygold, 10/22/2002
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It is a great car. Every time I put the key in I am happy. It has never given me any problems, except for the police catching up to me.

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Beat this, Honda!

David Johnson, 11/06/2002
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I recently bought a 1995 Pontiac Grand Prix SE, I had a 1990 Bonneville SSE, the GP has a smaller engine, but with the DOHC it can beat alot of cars roaming the streets of Richmond.

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'95 GTP's are an awesome car!

Dave Komejan, 10/06/2002
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This car is great! What can I say? Power moon roof and chrome rims makes this car a real looker!

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