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Would Buy Again if they still made Pontiac

Linda, 09/24/2015
GT 2dr Coupe (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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I bought this car New in 2001. It's an SE not a GT but there wasn't a choice for a 2 door SE, 6 cyl 3.4. It is now 2015 have 123k miles. Two repairs while under warranty, one was an oil leak and one was the ignition switch. Very little maintenance over the years other than oil changes and brakes. Did not do any of the other recommended maintenance. Replaced the alternator, tie rods and a sensor. Replaced the original battery at year 8 and still driving on the second. Starts right up with no hesitation. Still has speed and handles well. I am getting 26 miles/city more than when it was new. Biggest annoyance is the power Windows. Both had to be replaced and you have to replace the whole thing window and all. Over $300 per window even though the glass was still good as well as the motor, just the clips broke. Less than $2000 in repairs over 15 years. Not bad at all. Best car I ever had. Biggest complaint would be the rust (seems like all of them rust in the same place between the doors and the back tires). Started about year 7 and is pretty bad now. I do have to say I live in Chicago and the car has been outside it's whole life and I did not rust proof or undercoat and I probably haven't washed it in the last five years. Other than that area the paint and body has held up good. Time for a new car as I know I have some major suspension work that needs to be done. I'm hearing some mighty loud and strange noises when going over bumps in the last year. The service engine light goes on and off and the air conditioner blows hot this year. Leary to put any major money in a 15 year old car. All in all considering the original cost of the car, loan interest , repairs and maintenance it's has been an average of somewhere between $1600 & 2000 per year for this car, so tops $166 a month (not counting gas of course) to run this car. In all that time it only didn't start once (ignition switch) I was driving when the alternator went out so with some fancy driving I was able to drive home the 5 miles. The battery I replaced before it totally died but was taking a couple tries to start so I had some warning and after all it was 8 years old. As a woman it's reassuring to have a reliable car. It actually makes me sad to get rid of it. This was my first new car purchase on my own about a year after my divorce. It's almost like one of my kids, no wait way more reliable this both my kids combined.

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13 years and counting

eddy37, 02/07/2014
SE 2dr Coupe (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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Bought mine new in 2001. I've taken decent care of it, oil changes, minor repairs. It's never broken down or had any major issues. Has the same issues as other Grand AM's. Side passenger mirror just fell off, AC has been broken for a couple years, fan speeds 1 and 2 don't work, side mirror control broken. The car itself is no longer waterproof. The factory battery lasted 11 years. Took it on a road trip this summer and actually got really good mileage. To recap, it's been paid for since 2005 and has never left me stranded. ***Update*** After a year of taking up space on my driveway I decided it was time to part with the old girl. My only regret is not getting the windshield replaced which would have addressed the water issues. The car still fired up on the day kidney car drove it into the flat bed for recycling in 2017. This is not a story of a car that wore out; but a story of an owner who neglected a masterpiece. I'm left now with a donation receipt for $25 and 16 years of memories. Fairwell Grand AM.

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5 Years Strong

Chris, 08/12/2006
GT1 4dr Sedan (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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I have run this car in all conditions (snow, sleet, high heat, many rough dirt roads, hard driving, easy driving) and it's responded to the challenge. The 3400 V6 is more than adequate for a car of this size and weight and it and the tranny are such that you get nice punch and grip as you take off. I have 120K, but can go to 200K easy IMO. Normal problems did originally get to me also (lower intake manifold gasket (1x @ $150), tire grinding noise (all 4 tires w/ Warranty), blower resistor (1x @ $20), left and right wheel hub assembly (1x each @ $130 each), IAT wiring wiring issue causing hard shift into drive and park (1x @ $90) and EGR valve (1x @ $90). Battery finally just failed at 12

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take care of it, it will return the favor

englisap, 05/02/2012
GT 4dr Sedan (3.4L 6cyl 4A)
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I have come to love my Grand Am. I have also come to believe that if you take good care of it, it will repay you. Got it from my mom in 2006 with 25k on it. It had been parked in her driveway collecting waterstains and mice. Initially I named it the lemon (I never liked it, but my husband did) after getting new tires, new fluids, getting rid of rabbits chewing wires and some other normal things, I made a deal with it. It takes care of me and I take care of it. Yes, they have quirks, but if you take really good care of it, it will run like a champ. It thinks it's a sports car. I drive it at least 51 miles everyday. It now has about 145k miles on it and still gets 26mi/gal

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good car but had little problems

got 1 of the lucky 1, 04/27/2010
SE1 4dr Sedan (2.4L 4cyl 5M)
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I got this grand am With 130,000 miles on it has 174,000miles. had it for 3yrs. i had to change the thermostat just once cause it was heatin up a lil. i change the oil every sungle time. i changed the sparkplugs on my own and the only tIhng i hated was the clicking noise from the hazard signal button. i changed that but still clicks a lil. sound system is great. I never had problems with the intake maifold gasget cause i changed the anntifreeze in the car. its been good to me but im gettin a new car now

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