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Favorite Cuddy

TerryMO, 08/07/2010
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I bought this car from the original owner back in June. It already had 172,000+ on the odometer. The car was having trouble with water pouring into the crank case. Turned out the water passages in the lower intake manifold had blown. Was able to get both intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets for only $50. Plus went ahead and put a new timing chain and cam and crank gears just to further its life. Of course with a new timing chain cover gasket, I spent under $120 on parts and the car runs amazing. There does seem to be some rotor wear but not too major. My gas mileage is more like 30 highway, 21 with the AC on and about 22 in town travel. It's extremely reliable which is important to anyone

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My new car

richardwvu, 03/29/2002
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Car received had numerous quality problems including noisy front brakes, a loud buzzing fuel pump, a rattling dash board, and a noisy passenger air bag cover. There is little excuse to deliver such a vehicle to a customer. What does a manufacturer and dealership think?

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In too deep...

rflores7, 07/07/2011
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It all started when a girl wrecked into me and the insurance money got me a 1999 Oldsmobile Cutlass. The gypsy dealer was selling it for 3800 and i got it for 2800 with 108K. My friend's dad (also a mechanic) warned me about this car being a lemon but i didn't believe him and it was a bad choice on me. In order...brakes, tires, pulley tensioner, water pump, head gasket, spark plugs and wires 2x, alternator, and now the A/C has gone out. I've spent 3G's on the car and it doesn't even include the $1,500 rims, new headlights, complete stereo system. Im at 125K and im afraid of more things going wrong and I'm only 18 going to college! Stay away from this car!!!

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Average mid-size car

adam, 08/17/2009
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Bought this car used in 2002 with 25k on it. Color and finish still look great with 93k on it now. Performed regular maintenance on it but still had many mechanical problems. Head gasket twice, fuel injectors (had to replace 4), brakes, rotors, radio, a/c, power window, thermostat, water pump, steering, etc. Had extended warranty when purchased that paid for most of it but ran out on 2006. Still will keep it. Repairs still cheaper than a new car note every month.

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Mani, 06/06/2008
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Intake manifold went twice, like everyone else on here $600 the first time and $500 the second time. Alternator, battery because of alternator, rotors and pads, more times than I can count, front end axle, water pump twice. Computer system is a mess, recalled, but didn't bother wasting my time getting it. No wonder they stopped making this car.

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