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I miss this car

master_pate, 03/29/2012
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Last year I had to sell my GT to make room for a family SUV, it was a very sad day. I owned the Eclipse for 6 years and never had a mechanical issue. It was fast, good looking and reliable... the perfect non-family vehicle.

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2000 Eclipse GT

Jose Rosado, 04/12/2002
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I have not had any of the problems other people seem to be having with this car. I own one of the earlier 2000 models with 205 horses instead of 200 and a different manifold and exhaust (all factory) but strangely enough the engine seems to actually have more power now than when I bought it. This car does everything very well. Handling is good (not stellar), comfort is very good for this or any other type of car as long as you only carry two people, and the engine is the smoothest V6 I've ever driven in my life. I haven't had any mechanical problems except for a power window switch that was repaired under warranty.

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Sure do Like my 2000 GT Eclipse!

imgtgim, 10/14/2010
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Bought my 2000 GT Eclipse new in May 2000, and this is the first / only one I've ever bought new. Still own it now in late 2010, and still love it! I've never had any repair work, except typical maintenance to replace brakes, belts, tires, etc. Still runs great! When my wife tells me to "wind-it-up baby!" the engine purrs and the (original) muffler still has a deep-throat throttle sound. It really is nice to drive anywhere, in-town or on the road, and I really like the pseudo shift from automatic to "manual" for winter driving (i.e., when bumper-to-bumper" on snow & ice. I'd think about trading-in for new but what's the point? If it ain't broke, don;t fix it!

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Sporty n good lookin car

Christy, 04/24/2009
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Bought this car in '07 with 70k, now it has 86k and still runs smooth. The only thing that I've had to replace so far were the motor mounts.. Other than that the car has been reliable and hasn't given me any problems *knock on wood* Of course, any car will last you provided you don't floor it every second and keep up with regular maintenance. Quick (v6) and fun to drive with the sportronic, nowhere near a manual tho, Decent ride on the roads. Believe it or not after 9 yrs it still turns some heads! Opening the hatch is great resistance exercise for my arms ;) Comfortable for me in the front but I feel sorry for whoever has to sit in the back but hey, that's a 2door for ya!

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Best car I've owned

hot_karl, 05/15/2012
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After owning 3 Camaros I decided it was time to try something different so I went ahead and bought an Eclipse GT. I owned the car for 6 years and drove it hard all year round, did numerous cross country trips with it and had very few problems. It may not have been the fastest car out there but it was still very fun to drive. The handling felt great and the V6 sounded awesome when you revved it past 3000 rpm. Gas mileage hovered around 28-30 on my trips which consisted mostly of highway driving. I sold it about a year ago after I let a friend of mine drive it and he burnt up the clutch. Now I'm trying to find another car that was just as great as my Eclipse was.

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