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Why not add a turbo

4g64twannaB, 02/10/2003
GS 2dr Convertible
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I can't say enough about this car. Although in the bone stock form it leaves something to be desired. Handling:it is great. Add an aftermarket strut bar and coilover style springs and your golden. The interior is very comfortable withit's reclineable bucket seats and easily accessible console. The exterior is one of those things that makes this car so great. It looks as aggressive as some of those $30k and up sports cars. Now here's a secret not many people know, put the cylinder head from a turbo on this engine block and guess what, you can bolt-up the gst/gsx turbo and your non-turbo 2.4l spyder is now a turbo hp machine. Overall a great car.

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1998 RED Hot Mitsubishi Eclipse GST

marcyjp, 02/14/2012
GS 2dr Convertible
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I bought my Eclipse in October of 1998 and have loved driving it whenever I get the chance to take it out. I love to throw the top down turn up the stereo and let this car take me wherever I am going. I have 128,000 miles on my eclipse and it looks like the day I brought it home! This car is a real eye catcher. I was pulled over and the office didn't believe that I had given him the right insurance card so he asked for the card for the new car, I told him it had 98,000 mile on it and he still had to look at the odometer. No problems just maintain it. I still have the original exhaust and everything! My kids and their friends have always loved riding in it too.

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Waste of my time

brittanynicole, 01/31/2011
GS 2dr Convertible
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Worst car I have ever driven! I hate it. It caused me more trouble than any car I have ever known. Do not buy it. All Mitsubishi's suck, everyone that I know that owns one has a lot of problems with it. First my convertable roof top leaked. It leaked so much it felt like there wasn't even a roof there. Because of this, it molded my seats and floor boards. Parts randomly fall off. Part of my body kit fell off, door handle has fallen off twice, key hole fell through the door, plastic parts inside fell off or broke, etc. Now, at barely 120K miles, transmission goes out. Battery sucks. Timing belt squeals alllll the time, replaced it 7 times, still no change. CD player went out too. CRAP CAR!!!

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Mitsubishi Junk

unhappyowner, 06/06/2008
GS 2dr Convertible
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Leaked oil from day 1 & hole rubbed through the top from lack of support rail padding - dealer had it for 2 weeks. Factory radio went out in the 2nd year. Most of the interior plastic has cracked and has been replaced - some several times. Drivers sided door switch panel just fell down inside the door one day. No anti-seize used on the front hub splines, so I had to use an axle puller which destroyed them when they were required to be removed. $700+ dollars for a timing belt ever 60K miles. No drip edge on roof, so rain leaks in on seats when opening doors. Soft top and headliner had to be replaced after 4 years - went aftermarket from Kee tops and a local upholstery shop

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Super Fun.

xctpx, 08/17/2008
GS 2dr Convertible
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The car is amazingly fun to drive, and I've got friends asking for rides all the time. Only problem with it, as far as the ride goes, is that the suspension is very tight. For a little four-cylinder, non-turbo, it's got amazing kick. There's one problem with this car, and it's absolutely huge, almost a deal-breaker, and it's the top quality. Top leaks like no other in a rainstorm, flooding the rear top cavity, creating standing water. Car smells nasty afterwards. Upholstery has wonderful endurance from the water damage, though, and still looks fantastic. Also, top goes down hesitantly with some startling clicking, and needs a little help to get started going back up. Probably the motor.

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