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11 years of cruising bliss

Golfasaurus Rex, 07/26/2016
SL500 2dr Convertible
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I've owned the 1998 SL 500 since 2006 when I bought it with 51000 miles. I am the third owner and each time the car was sold by a MB dealer. I now have 76000 miles on it and my only repair cost was replacing a coil. I have gone to the dealer for routine maintenance and paid a small premium. I have the original hydraulic cylinders and top. The car drives like new and has cost me very little over the 11 year period, while giving me great pleasure. I considered replacing it with a 2005 550 model but my wife felt the R129 body was such a classic we should just keep it. It's not worth very much on the market now but It's worth a lot to us. We tested a large number of cars before buying but who can argue with a design that allows you to talk on a cell phone at 70 MPH with the top down and windows up. Not the most powerful car on the road but incredible torque for passing in the 45 to 80 MPH range. Our car is beautiful and we get positive comments everywhere we go. What's not to like?

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I finally bought my dream car.

tripp1976, 06/21/2013
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Words can't express the thrill I get every time I get into this car. I'm just 32 and I've loved the r129 SL500 since I first saw it as a kid. I looked all over the US and about booked a flight to Texas to buy a car when a buddy of mine called to let me know his dad just bought a low mileage car for his lot. I drove down to his lot and saw my 98 Mercedes SL500 sitting there with only 46,000 on the clock. I test drove it then went to lunch came back and paid for it. We have put 7,000 miles on it in just two months. I love the feel, touch and power of this amazing cruiser. I even don't mind the fuel costs I'm getting about 17city and our trip to Florida we were able to get 25.4.

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Finally, a happy wife.

B & L, 07/28/2009
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I have purchased MANY cars for my wife in hopes that she would be happy with what she is driving. After 17 years, I finally found one that she refuses to even look at another kind of car. This is fun in the sun, and glamor all year round. This last year there was 18" of snow, once we got the car out of the drive, I was passing 4X4's and cruising down the road without issues. We get about 18mpg in town and 23mpg highway. Virtually no road noise with hardtop on who cares how much noise with the top down. Every time my wife gets in it, she tells me how much she loves her little car. Thank you MB

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Jaquie, 03/04/2009
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I'm a girl, but have always been a car nut. My first car was a little used Mazda RX7 which I really enjoyed, but was convinced to sell by my granny who thought I would kill myself in it - haha. Since then I've owned about thirty or so cars, most of the time buying used, driving, then reselling. Among these, have been several BMWs (3,5 & 7 series), an '87 911, an '85 380SL, a 91 Jaguar XJS, Mustangs (old and new bodies), etc.; and I can honestly say that my SL500 is a KEEPER. I love the way it handles, looks, and its reliability. I've even learned to slow down in it (a little). Definitely recommend!

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1998 Mercedes 500 SL sport w SL1/SL2 opt

YOONSEOK, 07/14/2003
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This is a one of the top model for Mercedes 50yrs of SL making. With no doubt it has a impressive handling and sticks to the road. well balanced and super responsive. cornering with 18inch optional AMG wheels are crisp, and breaking is tight ( feels more like a Japanese car in breaking yet has engine roars like Italian Farrari. love the sound of Exhaust) beautifully stream lined and Optional HID is great. Planty of Torque at low RPM with total 350lb with 315 hp.

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