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Sync Not Ready for Prime Time

linkstur, 03/11/2011
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I'll give the car high marks even though there are definitely problems with the touch system. I personally have an issue with my phone not staying linked to the car. It constantly disconnects, then re-connects. 4 to 6 times during a 20 minute ride to work. The computer that's in the car reminds me of an old 386. It works, but works slowly (relatively speaking). It sometimes takes 20 seconds or more before the radio starts playing after start-up. NEVER try to use the touch screen before the system is completely loaded...(about 45 seconds). If you do, it will not work well. But all this can/will be fixed. Most everything else works fine, and there's a LOT of very cool stuff.

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lincoln rocks!

linc, 11/27/2010
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What can I say.. Great car.I have tested several European SUVs: mercedes glk 350, audi q5,lexus 350 and acura mdx. They all are good cars, but only Lincoln had that balance of everything:driving dynamics, luxury,best electronics in its class that made me buy this vehicle.My Lincoln touch and Sync are best in the business...period. THX2 system with 14 speakers and subwofer is simply amazing. I believe that European and Japanese suvs were ahead a few years back but this Lincoln is clearly leading the pack now

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sisper, 04/26/2011
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Had the car for 10 days. Drove 350+ miles. Fantastic! impresses everyone from interior to exterior looks and features. powerful torque! Powerful yet sturdy and quiet. Fun to drive in Manual mode. Back camera outrageously fun to use. voice commands makes you feel like playing around with it! Ambient lights make you want to try them all! roof for driver and passengers? awesome! sensors for blind spot cars? amazing. Opening the trunk without taking the keys off packets while caring grocery bags, should be made into LAW! MUST have! steering wheel too good to describe. Test drive to understand. do you want 5 days weather forecast? no problem. sports scores? no problem! The LEATHER SEATS, ohh! etc

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Simply a great car!!!!

fordlincoln, 06/09/2011
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This is my 3rd consecutive Lincoln - just sold my 06 LS and bought the 11 MKX. This car is fantastic. I did compare this with Cadillac SRX and it was really no comparison at all. The Lincoln simple had more standard features that I wanted. The new looks and the highly advanced technology really sold me on this vehicle. IMO, the new front grill and the new taillight design are BIG improvements over the previous MKX. The MyLincoln Touch sync system is unbelievable. I am far from a techie, but I do like new technologies and the MyLincoln Touch system is great. If you are not very proficient with new technology you may have a longer learning curve, but it is well worth it. I am still finding new things out and I have had the car for almost 3 weeks. I actually like the the touch screen technology more than the voice recognition. It is very similar to using a smartphone.

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Unreliable, expensive, poor ride quality.

FrankC, 05/22/2017
4dr SUV AWD (3.7L 6cyl 6A)
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People should know that the MKX is not a good car. This is not my first Lincoln. I had a 90 Town Car that I drove a quarter million miles before trading it to the dealer for a Navigator that I drove for 385,000 miles. I still own my 1998 Mark VIII and that car is incredibly reliable. Not incredibly reliable for a 20 year old car, but just plain reliable; it's as good as a new car, and far better than the MKX. The MKX has problems that are well-known with the touch screen. The software is poor. The hardware is unreliable, though ford extended the warranty for the FCP. But it's not just the navigation and entertainment system that's awful. I had an oil pressure problem that cost $500 to fix. The PTU went bad, which costs $2,200 to replace. There are articles on the Edge/MKX forums about people having problems with PTUs that fail anywhere from 50,0000 to 80,000 miles. The panoramic sunroof sticks. The dealer says that it's normal but there have been times that I've had to pull it closed while holding the close button. I just don't use that expensive option anymore. I've been seeing a lot of people complaining about water pump problems. In ford's genius, they put the water pump BEHIND the timing chain cover so that when the seals fail, the coolant goes straight into the oil pan, displaces the engine oil, and destroys the engine. If you get lucky and look very carefully at a small hole near the alternator, you may see the start of coolant weeping and have the water pump replaced ($2,300) before it fails. Or, like most people, not see any signs of problems until the pump fails. New engine: $7,000. The Internet is your friend, search for yourself and see how many people are having problems. The problem with these issues is that the PTU is used on all the all wheel drive fords, the water pump is in the same place on many of ford's V6 engines. The scope of the problem is massive. Just buy something else. UPDATE: Edmonds sent an email requesting an update. My MKX was totaled on 31 Aug by a pickup truck that was out of control and rammed me from behind at 190,000 miles. Overall, I did no major repairs from 140,000 to 190,000 and only replaced a few sensors, which were inexpensive, as well as all of the calipers when one of them seized. I was lucky that the water pump seals never let go. The PTU problem can be avoided if the gear oil is drained and refilled at every second or third oil change. That's not an easy task because there is no drain plug, but changing the oil frequently will save a $2,300 repair bill. Gear oil changes will keep the PTU from failing, but there's no fix for the vent problem that causes gear oil to drip onto the exhaust pipe that's under the PTU. I guess the driver that hit my MKX did me a favor. I'm done with ford forever and am now driving a Mercedes Benz E-Class that I love more than any other car I've owned in the past 20ish years.

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