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On month 7

Kevin, 01/17/2006
14 of 14 people found this review helpful

I love most everything about this car aside from the craptacular gas mileage. The ride is also a bit harsh, but that might be just me getting older :-) To date I haven't had any warranty work done to the car - a primary reason for buying this car for me was Lexus reputation. If you are considering buying this car I would encourage you to do so.

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I didn't know I could love a car so much

southernguy138, 10/17/2012
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I just bought this 2005 IS300 with 129k miles and is simply amazing. Drives like new, literally. Very quiet and the straight 6 engine is superb, its quick, and you can't even feel the transmission shift. By far, this car is the most fun I've driven. I know these cars are good for over 300k miles with little maintenance. Everyone should have the opportunity to own one of these. You'll have a hard time sleeping knowing its in your driveway. I have had no regrets buying this car! GET ONE!

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One of the Best RWD Car you can get

Testing123, 12/09/2005
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The styling of the car is very agressive and sporty. For a 3255lbs vehicle the car perform very well. The engine was build for import tune spec and respond very well to performance modification. I wish Lexus would have use a more agressive cam from supra engine to move the stock rear wheel horse power up to 188whp. My IS300 AKA Altezza has gone through couple of performace Mod, like a stage1 turbo kit from inovative turbo and fujitsubo high flow exhaust, which boost the WHP to 323whp. The stock clucth will take this mod without any problem. This is one of the best vehicle ever build and it will surely out performed a BMW series 3 with a small modification to the intake and exhaust system.

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My Most Fun Car in 50 years!

Gina Hudson, 11/09/2005
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I've been driving 50 years and have driven a Lexus automobile since 1993. This IS 300 is undoubtably the most enjoyable car I've ever owned to drive, exceeding even the Lexus 400. As a rather "vertically challenged" woman, I've never, until the IS 300, been able to see over a hood of any car I've driven (scary thought). This automobile allows me to sit high enough to have a clear view of the front of the car. It makes driving fun and much more comfortable for me. In today's market, this automobile is a bargain!

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IS 300

txbuzzman, 06/29/2005
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Love the car, great gearbox. If you like manual transmissions and rear wheel drive this might be the car for you. Fun increases exponentially when you turn the traction control off........

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2005 IS300. What a car! Sporty and luxury

javalencia, 08/19/2012
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The best car I've ever owned. A smart decision if you get one. 124k miles and runs like a champ. In the city will eat up gas a little more than it should but on the fwy is as good as my previuos 07 Corolla. Powerful, smooth, quiet and very responsive engine. Automatic transmission shifts smooth. I love the reliability, confortablity, style, interior design, re-sale price and everything about this car. Even with "kind of" high mileage haven't had a single problem. Do regular maintenance and car wont let you down. It's just a blast to drive.

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ejm, 08/10/2005
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It had been a long time since I purchased a new car. Driving the IS 300 is like a breath of fresh air. It is manuverable, responsive, and quick off the line. It is quick to deliver whatever I ask it to do. It performs so well that I rarely require the use of some of the other high-performance options.

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Most fun I Have had in many years

Wolfpodd, 09/20/2008
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The only problems I have had was scraping the front right bumper on a high curb!! My Bad!! This vehicle is a ton of fun to drive. Handling is great, powertrain is strong. I have a 5 speed manual so gas mileage is better.

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It's a Lexus afterall!

Michael, 12/28/2004
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A very athletic 4-door sedan with many luxury standard features which are expensive options in her class. Both the ride and feel are so good that I can drive it all day & still have fun. Trouble free still and well built with no rattles after over 14000 miles with only the 2 scheduled oil change service calls.

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Awesome Vehicle, 12/30/2004
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Great car! Purchased two weeks ago, and loving every moment behind the wheel. Test drove the BMW 325i and Acura TL. I was unimpressed with the acceleration of the 325i, and didn't like the feel of leatherette. I did like the TL but, didn't care too much for the front-wheel drive. Driving enthusiasts will love the IS300, as it seems to be the most well rounded vehicle in its class. Good acceleration, smoooooth Inline 6, classy, yet trendy interior, handling and braking comprable to the 325i, and unbelieveable customer service at Lexus dealerships. For the money, BMW didn't offer much more than the name, and Acura didn't do enough with the TL to win driving enthusiasts over...

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