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No Substitute For A V-8

V-8, 09/19/2010
4dr Sedan
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Purchased in Jan. 2001 as a certified pre-owned with 20,000 miles. It was in pristine condition. And it still looks like a new car at 112,000 miles. Try to find a cert. pre-owned GS V-8 today. The big point of this is what my Lexus mechanic thinks of the GS400. He is an older guy with lots of knowledge and experience. He said, "don't get rid of this car". No more need be said.

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Perfect Family Sedan for a Speed Freak

64th_note, 10/30/2011
4dr Sedan
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I've had the car for 3 years now and it's been extremely reliable and fun to drive. It's faster than most cars on the road. I've taken it to a 12-turn race track several times and it's done rather well. It's built for luxury, so it's not real great on the turns, but the powerful V8 really moves on the straight-aways. I've even taken it drag racing. It's pretty heavy, but can still do 0-60 in about 6 seconds with 80,000 miles on the speedo. There are many cars faster than that 0-60, but it's unbeatable for highway driving. If you're like me, you do a lot of passing on the right for cars that like to drive slowly in the left lane. It takes only a few seconds to go from 60-100.

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Just say "No" to New Car

Jetstream, 08/08/2009
4dr Sedan
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My GS 400 is now 11 years old with 187,000 miles on it, all driven by me. Coast to Coast 4 times, L.A. to Vancouver, B.C. and dodging NYC Taxi Cabs. Service at Dealer here in Eugene, OR. is outstanding. I take my driving quite seriously and "it's not how fast you go, it's how you go fast." (and where) This car has been a compliment to any humble skills I have, and has seen 150 mph numerous times, with great care, but mostly in the 80-100 range. If you can find one that acts and looks good, go for it. Mine's a "keeper."

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Can't go wrong with a GS400!!!

GS400inTexas, 06/21/2005
4dr Sedan
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I had originally looked at a Lexus SC300 and noticed the performance numbers on the 98-00 GS400 by accident. The car had always seemed too expensive for me, but after reading the 0-60 stats, I was hooked! I've been driving a 98 GS400 for about 5 months and I couldn't be happier. Change the oil and keep it clean. Nothing to it! This is easily a 300K mile engine and Lexus service departments are top-notch. You'll be treated like a king. You deserve it for making such a smart purchase. Let the BMW and Mercedes drivers suffer from depreciation. I lose about $1500 a year on a luxury car everyone thinks is brand new! What?!?! Yes, its true. Don't tell them it has over 100K miles!

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Rocket Ship

Rhino, 05/12/2010
4dr Sedan
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After years with an old LS400...I was ready for newer. I fell in love with the GS400 (not the 300 nor the 430). If you read you will know why the 400 is the way to go. Now the trick was to find one...1998 - 2000. I went on the hunt for a low miles (less than 75K) and in very nice condition. Wow...had no idea it would be a needle in a haystack. But...I found it. 63K, 1 owner, had an accident in the past but was Lexus repaired (and had my body shop check it over and they said it was fixed perfectly). I bought it. Since it is 12 years old and the rule when you talk to Lexus is 90K or 108 months. So I had the timing chain and water pump replaced for good measure and had the 60K done.

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