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Great value and excellent performance

Jayz, 11/30/2010
4.6 4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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After owning 4 LS series Lexus's I decided on a change due to the Lexus lackluster styling and high price. Toyota/Lexus was having all the recall problems at the time and upon reading the various automotive reviews I took a Genesis for a test drive. What a pleasant surprise. After 3000 miles I can say that the car handles beautifully in all driving conditions, has excellent acceleration and a virtually sound proof cabin. I would highly recommend this car to anyone interested in a high quality luxury sedan like ride at a very affordable price.

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The longer I own it, the better I like it.

sooththetruth, 07/26/2016
3.8 4dr Sedan (3.8L 6cyl 6A)
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I can't get over that I have not been tempted by cars coming out years after mine. I have gone car shopping, with the intent of buying a new car, multiple times since 2014. Problem is, I can't drive my car and the new test cars back to back without deciding to keep mine. Which cars? BMW 5 series, Audi A6 diesel, Acura RLX and the Sports Hybrid. To be fair, I didn't like the standard suspension in my Genesis, so I spent $1300 for coilovers, including labor, to be installed. These are adjustable, but now my car rides more comfortably than the stock vehicle, and corners much better. The Audi and BMW, RLX, all rode no better than my car. I did drive a 2012 Mercedes E350, and the comfort of the Mercedes was FAR GREATER than that of any of the other cars above. But the back seat of the Mercedes was tiny, and the trunk so small, I would have had to take clubs out of my bag every time I went golfing. So here's the thing, my car has a stereo as good as any. The interior space is that of a BMW 7 series. The trunk is so big that I take foursomes on driving golf vacations (yeah, 4 sets of clubs and some bags to get us through, some of it goes in the middle of the back seat). No other car has given me all this, while running on regular gas, and needing so little repair over 90,000 miles. The maintenance is cheap. The acceleration startlingly good. My 250 lb frame did wear out the leather on the driver's seat, and the rails under the seat have to be cleaned up to let the seat track well while I'm in it. That is it, nothing else has ever gone wrong. There were aspects of the other cars I liked better: The gas mileage of the BMW and Audi diesel (but not that much better when determining the cost differential for premium or diesel fuel). The looks of the Audi. The RLX had as big an interior as my car, but was front wheel drive with rear wheel steering, but the ride was worse than my car. The Mercedes was a dream to drive, but only for 2 people on long trips, and I like my trips. I do want nannies in the future, such as smart cruise control, and front impact prevention, but I still think they have a ways to go to not be intrusive. Oh, I have to mention that the best nannies are on the new Genesis. The 2015 rode great, but sacrificed back seat room and trunk space to look good, and the acceleration has been compromised to give better gas mileage, but only modestly so. So i like my 2010 MORE THAN the new, beautiful, 2015 Genesis, but i would likely choose the new Genesis over any of the others. Update 2/2/2017: Car has 100,000 miles on it, original brakes are still on it. No engine troubles. Electronics are all working. I did have to clear the collection of dirt under the front seat, again, or the seat won't track well, but I consider that my fault. Update 8/25/2020: Still have the car, 143K miles. The monitor on the dash is going bad. I have found a video on youtube as to how to dissassemble the dash to remove it. Will cost $450 to fix. power locks on the driver and left rear door will get stuck. I am living with it. . I have solved the ride problem by going with ARK suspension, just around $340, plus installation, and by increasing the pressure in the tires to 37 lbs. The car corners well, and is now comfortable. I have no plans to change my car. The solution of the suspension was the only answer I had been seeking. An old mechanic gave me the idea of increasing the tire pressure to stiffen the side walls, and the improvement was magical. He feels the tires will last longer, as most people allow the tires to underinflate chronically, and my tires have always worn out at the edges, supporting his claim.

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Best Luxury Car - Especially the Price

Mark C., 05/10/2010
4.6 4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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My 4.6 is the best luxury car in this price range AND others that cost $10- 20K more! I drove the GS350, ES350, and G37. I really liked the GS & ES but couldn't justify spending at least $10K more. My friends dogged me for buying a Hyundai, but after seeing the car and driving or riding in it they have changed their minds. 2nd Hyundai and I'm impressed. Quiet & comfortable. HD stereo is great but you're limited on stations. Nav is great - you can change it while driving. Takes a while to get used to command knob. I like this car much more than my wife's 07 TL!! I've had the car for 5K miles and still love it. I highly recommend this car! I think Hyundai is building great cars.

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2010 Genesis Sedan

Jeff in Texas, 07/13/2010
3.8 4dr Sedan (3.8L 6cyl 6A)
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You can't buy a better luxury car for the money. I owned a Sonata which was one of the most trouble free cars I've ever owned, and the Genesis is following suite. The quietness, luxury interior, looks, features, well, just about anything I care about is outstanding. I routinely get compliments from the people who see it and the ones who ride in it. If your emphasis is on value, get a Genesis. If your ego demands recognition, get a BMW, Lexus or Mercedes.

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Very good but something missing

lismer, 11/02/2010
4.6 4dr Sedan (4.6L 8cyl 6A)
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After researching this car for more than six months, I purchased the v/8 with the tech package in may of 2010. The 4.6 liter engine rocks. It's smooth and powerful. The nav system is first rate. It does however take me the long way around sometimes. The radio and sound system is middle of the road but acceptable. Fit and finish is as good as I have seen on much more expensive cars. Ride and handling is great. Fuel efficiency is not what I expected. The car is rated at 25 mile per gallon highway. After three long trips the best mine has done is 23. That strictly highway and staying south of 75 miles per hour. Overall rating 8.

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