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2013 Hyundai GT hatch Auto - 1 month review

mergatroid, 09/06/2012
27 of 27 people found this review helpful

Came from a 2010 Mazda 3. Love this car so far. I am 6' 1" tall and have great leg room in front. Back seat is also very spacious. I have the base model but it is very well equipped. So far averaging about 32MPG in about 80% hwy, 20% city driving. On one 60 minute freeway stretch at 65mph I averaged 36mpg. Pleased so far and I am hoping it will improve as time goes on. Keep it in ECO mode all the time. Very quiet car, average acceleration but plenty of power in manual mode. Sport mode in steering my favorite and handles very well, but not quite as good as my Mazda 3. Fantastic dash set up - Bluetooth works great, AC strong, above average stereo - nice bass. Competitors have their work to do.

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2013 Elantra GT is smooth and sporty

dhfromcali, 08/16/2012
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After much research and test drives, I finally decided on the Elantra GT with the Style package. I test drove and compared the following: VW Golf, Golf TDI, Jetta TDI, Mazda 3, Ford Focus, Nissan Altima, Kia Optima. By far, the Elantra GT was the quietest ride out of all, nicest cabin, and best overall value. It was fun to drive (only slightly less fun than the Mazda which had great steering) but was smoother on freeway than Mazda. It's a lot roomier in front and back seat than all of those listed, and has better warranty. It was close between the Mazda and Hyundai but the Mazda didn't make good use of dash setup and I'm only 5'5" and hit my head getting in/out of the car.

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Overall very satisfied

docthor, 09/04/2012
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Purchased vehicle almost 6 weeks ago, and have already put just over 6K miles on it (purchased in Florida and driven to California) Automatic with Style Package. It is being used as daily driver to work, about 42 miles each way, mostly highway, some city. Incredibly happy with vehicle. It handles great, the styling is modern, sporty and attractive. The interior looks and feels like inside a much pricier car. I am 6'3 ft and I have no issues with head/legroom up front or in the back, although my head is close to ceiling interior because of sunroof. It is not superfast, but has enough power for anything you may encounter in day to day driving. Suspension feels firm but not too hard.

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It's been a car...

bkohs, 03/05/2014
4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl 6M)
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So after almost 3 years of leasing this car, I'm glad it will be gone soon. Over all there is nothing wrong with it, but there is nothing great either. My biggest complaints are the lack of power, gearing, and the sensitivity of the ABS system. For the engine, it's about 30 to 40 HP less than it should be. There is a serious lack of power while going up hill or trying to pass on the highway. When paired with the manual transmission, the power is only usable in 2nd through 4th gear. 1st gear will get you going from a stop on a hill, but I find myself starting in 2nd more often than not due to how short 1st gear is. you can get it up to about 25mph if you get close to red line on the tach, but that's about it. 5th gear is only for cruising (not enough power to accelerate). 6th gear is basically useless. If you are doing over 65mph it's OK, but again, no power for passing so you'll have to shift down to 4th to overtake. I can live with all of that, however the big issue I have is with the ABS system. if you are on the brakes (not even hard) and go over any bumps the ABS will kick in. Most cars will do this, however, the ABS continues to stay active for a while after you've cleared the bumps. this gives the feeling of not being able to stop because the brakes are pulsing. I've had it happen to me many times and at all speed ranges I normally drive in. I've even slightly overshot a stop sign because of it. I've mentioned it to 2 different dealerships on multiple occasions and have been in the car with the tech while it happened, but they have all come back and said there is no problem with it. This is the main reason I will be happy to be rid of this car in a month. now that that's out of the way, there are a few highlights to this car. there is lots of storage space when the rear seats are down. I've been able to fit 3 bikes in the back. With the seats up, storage space is slightly limited, but there is a good amount of room for the rear passengers. I've gone on a couple of week long road trips with my wife and 2 kids and we all comfortably fit with our luggage inside. My car has the basic entertainment setup, but it still sounds great! I can hook up the iPod or connect the phone and play media through BT. The mic for the BT system works well and I've had a few people tell me they didn't even know I was driving while I was talking to them. The front seats are very comfortable and the fact that they are heated is a nice touch in the winter. The rear seats are a little stiff and upright, but that wasn't an issue for us as our kids are still in baby seats. Over all this car is OK. As long as you don't expect it to be something it's not. It's not sporty. It's not even slightly fast. It's not amazing with fuel consumption. It will, however, get you where you need to go. It's hasn't been expensive to maintain. It looks pretty good. And they are now going for a decent price. I've seen them for less than $12,000 with under 50,000 miles. My suggestion is if you MUST have this car, go for the 2014 or newer. The engine is better and they fixed the gearing issues in both the auto and standard. I'm not sure about the ABS, but I cant imagine they didn't do something to improve that as well.

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17" Tires Extremely Prone to Damage

jjbaltimore, 03/03/2014
4dr Hatchback (1.8L 4cyl 6A)
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I bought my Elantra GT 2013 this past October. I loved the panoramic sunroof and got the style package. This included 17" low profile wheels and tires which look great, but BEWARE. Within 3 weeks this winter, average road conditions (meaning lots of potholes) resulted in 3 tires developing 3 sidewall bubbles. This included a tire that had just been replaced. There is an entire forum on this problem with this car and these tires. Read it.

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Very nice car

blou2, 09/04/2012
12 of 12 people found this review helpful

Traded a 2012 ford focus titanium for the 2013 loaded elantra gt...had nothing but trouble with the focus and so far everything works in the elantra and is as nice as the build and style of the focus...the elantra drives smooth and gives the feel of confidence....took a large monetary hit trading a 8 month old car but glad we did...the Hyundai is a very nice suprize....B-lou

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Hyundai Continues to compete and win with Elantra GT base

salmonking46, 09/30/2012
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If you are in the market for a car that is the perfect combination of fun, affordable, and functional the Elantra GT beckons a look. The Bluetooth functionality is practical and fun, Blulink is a useful. The steering mode option is clever, and again practical and fun. Eco mode is great for economy, averaged 39 mpg on the interstate first time out. Turning Eco off gives you some extra punch in the pedal. The seats are a comfortable compliment to a stable ride that seems to mix sporty attitude with touring comfort perfectly. Standard heated seats are an unexpected bit of luxury. It would be nice to have more compartments for storage. Exterior appearance beats the competitors by far.

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Better than Ford Focus

justaguy6, 10/21/2012
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Owning a 2012 Ford Focus Titanium hatchback for 5 months, I was in the shop 4 times for transmission issues and once for the nav/audio screen shutting off. All in all, it was a mess. I have purchased a silver elantra gt with tech and style package, manual transmission. Owning it for about a week, I am averaging 37 mpg (not sure where everyone else is driving). Prior to Ford, I was a BMW owner (2003) - fed up with costs to own. Although this is no BMW, this car is a lot of fun. Feel solid and handles pretty well for a car in this segment.

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GT rocks!

capte, 09/21/2012
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I purchased a 2013 Elantra GT with the 6 speed manual shifter and am more than pleased. After breifly owning a 2012 Ford Focus Hatchback for a week and returning it because of automatic transmission issues, I decided no more automatics in small cars. The manual tranny in the GT is smooth with reasonably short throws. I installed 17 inch wheels with Continental Extreme Contact DWS tires and the improved cornering and traction is noticeable. It now handles as well in the corners as the Focus did, without the reliability issues that Ford has always been known for. The interior quality and noise levels are better in the GT than the Focus and the controls in the GT are much more intuitive.

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After 3000 Miles - There are some regrets

efav, 12/12/2012
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Bought it because it had good cargo space, 4 and 5 star crash test ratings, it was comfortable, good warranty, and sticker said 28-39 mpg. Figured with good mileage like that, I could spend the extra money and buy this car as a long term investment. The reality is the mileage is awful when compared to the sticker. Like other reviewers here, my real world MPG is 25 city, 26/27 on my commute, and 31 road trip with no stops for over 300 miles. Quite disappointed. I am conservative driver, and received 29-33 in my old Sentra. The refund program will reimburse me for only 1 mpg difference, not 5-7 mpg difference. The cost of the MPG difference will cost me almost $400/yr more at current prices.

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