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prelude sh forever

greatludeSH, 01/23/2010
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I've been driving prelude SH a year now and everyday always put a smile on my face. I guess i dont need a face lift anymore, naturally it lift everytime i drive it, lol. I am at my 50's and this machine keeps me young. At 259,000 mileages there's no major work done into it except for regular maintenance of course. I drive it hard and revving high once in a while and this machine doesn't frustrate you. It goes on and on and on... the sexy body, the beauty of reliability, the perfection of stick shift is worth every penny. Bought it 6 grand but its worth it. No headache. If u find one, grab it. You'll love it the rest of your life, but don't trade your wife though,lol. Honda bring it back...

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Renaissance Coupe

ItsaMeMario, 03/15/2004
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As my faithful coupe approaches 60,000 miles, I began to reflect on the time we've spent together (cue the sentimental music...) Glancing at the Prelude, I concluded that Honda engineers set out to design a sporty coupe that could handle the rigorous demands a driving enthusiast would muster during ownership. Hmm, so what are the daily observances that quench my thirst for excitment? A comparatively torquey inline-4 from Honda which comes alive above the infamous camshaft change point. Amazing Handling - easily the Prelude's strongpoint, ATTS gimmickry is actually a reality. I personally vouch for its predictability over overall comfort.

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Honda Prelude

anthony, 06/02/2008
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Bought this car brand new right of the boat, they actually just unloaded it on the lot, bought it with 3 miles on it, the 3 miles I put on the car test driving it. It is too bad Honda cannot built a decent electric car that looks like this. They need to pay more attention to Tesla motors and get away from the electric cars that look like boxes with wheels on them

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Worth every penny I've paid for it

GreggK, 08/16/2002
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This car really stands out. I've made over 50000 miles in it and...nothing and thats what I love about hondas, I see my friends dragging their VW's back and forth to the dealer, with milage that's half of mine (German engineered and made in mexico...). But really I've been looking to replace this car and there is nothing that even comes close. Toyota stopped making nice cars years ago, when they decided to hit all the age groups with their designs and thier cars are simply anal. The only alternative I was considering was VW, but they seem to have so many mechanical problems that I'd rather stay headache-free with older honda

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1999 Honda Prelude SH

Billaze, 09/27/2002
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This car is an amazing machine. It handles like no other car I have ever driven. It's performance is comporable to luxury sport coupes that are much more expensive. I used to own a 93 Prelude VTEC and have recently purchased the 99 Type SH. I am very happy with the Honda Prelude.

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