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Not bad...

sunbird94, 07/10/2011
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My dad got this 1995.5 passport from his parents after our 84 ramcharger gave up.the 3.2 v6 had a roar and thirst for oil,it needed head gaskets at 120,000,then we moved from PA to AZ and it had 130,000 i cleaned it up and it looked like brand wasnt running for 3 months,battery was weak but it cranked right up like it was running 15 minutes 155,000 the AC went and we replaced the compressor with one from the junkyard,the squeal got worse and one day at 156,874 the ol family truckster gave up.i miss it alot and brought a tear to my eye as it got towed away with its new family,i saw it once more going down the road and on craigslist for $1500 and we sold it for $450.

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ben_k240, 11/23/2007
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I've had my Passport for over 4 years and it has always been as good to me as I have been to it. I bought it with 86K on it and have only had to make repairs typical of it's age. No major engine or transmission problems yet at over 120K. Compared to other SUVs of its age and class level, I'd say it is average to good. Things to watch for are alternators (tend to start 'chirping' or 'squealing'), power steering pumps (can start to hum loudly), and be mindful of CV joints because if they wear out from maintenance neglect they're expensive to fix on this vehicle. Overall I would describe this vehicle as rugged, reliable, and durable. The mileage to power ratio is terrible though.

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Everybody Knows Somebody...

MzRevolutionary, 01/05/2010
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...That loves a Honda! My mom got this car for me as my first car and I still have it 6 years later. Honestly the thing won't die! Love hate relationship. Engine is 100% and only the body is starting to go some. Had to replace a window motor and have replaced the timing belt. Other than that not one problem. Recently began squealing in extreme cold but only minor issue. This vehicle will run through whatever! I can honestly say I've put this car through more hell than the devil could bring and she is still going super strong. Would HIGHLY recommend if considering to purchase one. Only minor maintenance, rarely if every repairs and I'm at 200,000 miles. Wish I could keep mine longer :- /

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Passport to FUN!

BC Walley, 05/01/2004
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Just bought this fun car, really can't give you solid personal experience. Running it hard for the weeks I've had it, and it runs great. Handles very well for an offroad/street vehicle. The turning radius is better than my Volvos. Getting 18mpg, running 17mi, one way to work, through many stoplights, approx. 30mph traffic, with one 2-3mi stretch of 50mph. I'm a happy camper... so far. Yeah, the interior is super basic, but I was looking for an upgrade to a Jeep, for fun in the woods, and reasonable compfort. I got just that. It has 130K mi, solid as a rock, looks sharp, fast, better than most fuel economy. My pdate in a year.

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redhead1, 06/03/2004
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I've had my Passport for 3 and a half years (bought it used) and I love it. My husband was reticent to buy it because the ratings were average on reliability, but we have had NO major problems with this car (only a bad motor on the driver's side window). It is very roomy and has a good cargo area. It handles well, too. The only problems are comfort-related. The blind spots are bad, and the cup holder is too far back (behind the emergency brake) if you're short like me and have to sit with the seat pulled up pretty close. Other than that, it's great.

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