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Will this car ever die?

CN, 08/30/2010
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It just runs and runs. At this point I might simply keep another 3 yrs and give to my kid. At 156,000 miles, this puppy is still running strong, no blue smoke. I simply change oil regularly and perform general maintenance; CV boots, brakes, oil, wiper blades, etc. Generally speaking minimal repairs. I've saved a boat-load of money driving this car for so many years. It's comfortable, zippy, easy to park. I wish I had bought the sun roof model back the. My next one will have all the bells and whistles as I've had many years to save money to buy now. Great car!

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Great Car / Great Mileage

kendaddy126, 05/22/2012
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I have had my civic for a while now. It gets as high as 48mpg. I average around 39mpg. It's not big on creature comforts... no cruse, no power steering, no power locks, no power windows. It's got AC and a radio. It also has over 200,000 miles on it. Still runs strong. I've done the timing belt once (time for another) CV axels, master cylinder, battery, alternator, and general mantance.. that's it! I'm now debateing spending more money on another timing belt and to have the seat re-done.. don't know if it's worth it on a car this old, but it's paid for and runs great so I probably will... It's also bone stock.. no rice rocket here

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Great Little Car

kendaddy126, 11/03/2011
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I am in sales and I can drive as much as 300 miles in one day. Probably an average of 130 or so. The Civic runs great, and gets 41mpg! They say these VXs can get as much as 50mpg... I don't know why I don't get that, but I'm not complaining... It could be that it's a 95 with 180k on it and it's just not going to get 50mpg. I think it's funny that these hybrids today get the same mpg as my little cheapo honda. It's pretty slow and could definitely use some more hp.. espically with the AC on. If performance is important, don't go with a VX.. get an SI. Also, make sure you change the timing belts and water pump every 90k mi.

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Great Basic Car

Jehova Smith, 04/05/2002
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I have just rolled 180,000 miles (290k) on my baby and it keeps chugging along. I've vowed to buy a new car when this one died...I'm still waiting. The performance hasn't suffered with age. This car costs less than 25 cents a km. My advice, if you find one with 100,000 miles on it, it's just a baby with more life to live. This car has outlasted two of my friends cars... a neon and a sunfire.

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joe's CIVIC EX

joe, 05/06/2006
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This car has never left me stranded, or let me down in any way. You'll never understand how great the gas mileage is until you own a civic. My civic has 170,000 miles on it and it still runs like new. I'm looking into buying a brand new civic while I restore my old one. A civic is so easy and affordable to upgrade. I currently have a full body-kit, carbon-fiber spoiler, rims, euro tail lights, projecter head lights, (blue) under body lights, kenwood amps, sony sub woofer, rockford speakers, kenwood CD changer, pioneer in-dash CD with flip out moniter, playstation 2, air intake, header, cat- back exaust, and many more upgrades. I plan to tear it down, and re-build it into a true show car.

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