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2014 honda accord EX-L hybrid

wandayvette, 11/10/2013
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I love this car! I had the 2010 accord leased and bought the new hybrid it's sleek style and economical gas mileage is my fav features. The power it has at take off it's like if it were a v6 engine. I would never think its that powerful and I thought I would lose power for fuel economy but I was wrong this car has more power than the 2010 Honda. Love it! Thanks honda for an even better car!

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Great Urban and Suburban Mileage

hizonr, 12/27/2013
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I will have had my Accord Hybrid EX-L four weeks tomorrow. I was expecting to buy a Fusion Hybrid last year, but by the time I was able to test drive one in January, reports of mileage far below the EPA ratings were coming out, so I decided to wait for the new Accord Hybrid. I was able to test drive one within a week of release; as soon as I drove it, I knew it was the car I wanted. I had been driving an Acura TL for 9+ years, so the Accord felt somewhat familiar to me. I have not been disappointed in my decision. The car is very nicely finished, handles well, and acceleration is better than expected. The seats are quite comfortable. We have averaged about 48 mpg driving locally.

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milescruiser, 02/18/2014
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I got this car 2 weeks ago it amazing to say the least . I got 52 mpg on a 64 mile trip, on small hwy , with stop an go sometimes 4 way stop signs I posted a 2 minute video, you can watch it in my link . Search you tube ' physics honda hybrid' The system is very smart. And you can run on ev mode when the battery is full in city. This trip is on hilly roads. One trip on interstate I got 37mpg, but it was cold and I pushed the car. When you switch the Econo button off the car feels so powerful and fast. Acura dampers make the car feel luxury and sporty. The change between driving modes is seamless but I do feel when engine mode kicks inn. No doubt this the best hybrid in the market now.

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Wonderful past 73K miles

newhopian, 05/20/2014
Touring 4dr Sedan (2.0L 4cyl gas/electric hybrid CVT)
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After over three years and 73K miles, I love this car. I reliably get over 50mpg from April through October (Pennsylvania) and about 48-49 during winter, except when the temperature s in the teens or lower (can be as low as 39mpg on a given trip). I just replaced the Michelin energy saver tires for the first time (got 72K miles out of them). In the last months on old tires, I was averaging 54mpg, but this dropped to 52 mpg with the new Michelin tires. Best mpg is seen when driving longer distances, such as my 50 mile commute to work, where I see 54-60mpg on any given commute. The trick to maximizing mpg is utilizing the gas engine when accelerating and reserving battery use for maintaining speed on flat and downhill road. Avoid potholes and rough road areas to maximize roll efficiency. The interior leather and all electronics have held up well, and I have only been to the garage for inspections and oil changes (which are required every 10-11K). I have put a couple scratches on the alloy tire rims parallel parking, but other than this, the exterior is like new. The LED headlights are fabulously bright, although I do occasionally have oncoming cars think that my brights are on (there are two low beams on each side of the car).

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Review from a satisfied customer.

edmundsdon, 07/06/2014
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I purchased my Accord in January. I commute to work with it daily, and we use it for road trips whenever we can. Despite what a few individuals in the automotive press are saying, this Accord DOES achieve the EPA mileage stated of 47mpg highway / 50 city. As an actual owner, I can truthfully state this is the case. If anything, the EPA mpg estimates are LOW, as I've been able to get far better mileage without any special effort on my part. Two things will affect the mileage you get with this car: cold weather, and running the A/C climate controls in manual. Best to use Automatic.

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