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Best vehicle EVER!!

glm75, 05/12/2013
XL 2dr Regular Cab (2.3L 4cyl 5A)
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I bought this truck new and barely had any problems during the 13 years i owned it. I performed regular maintinence as suggested and drove this truck to 200,000 miles until someone rearended me. During those 200k, i replaced the MASS AIRFLOW SENSORE at 120k, the coil pack at 178k, fan clutch at 180k and manual transmission broke at 185k (i should have never tried to drive from NJ to New Orleans...too far for and older truck with so many miles) and the plastic intake manifold at 190k. So besided breaks and tires, i drove it for 13 years and only had 4 repairs. not bad... All options worked as they should from new until it was totaled. I WOULD BUY ANOTHER!

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My First Ford Truck

Dave, 12/20/2004
XLT 2dr Regular Cab LB (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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This truck was built with for quality making it affordable and reliable. I use it for my landscaping business and it has never failed me the past 8 months; it has not been in the shop for a single mechanical defect! Comfortable and enough power, but still gets about 21 MPG. This truck is my first car and I would advise anyone who wants a truck for work, buy a Ford, you wont be sorry.

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One of the best vehicles we have ever owned.

jammerx1, 08/02/2013
XL 2dr Regular Cab (2.3L 4cyl 5A)
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Purchased new in 2002, for about $12k. Currently has 130k miles on it. Outside of tires, brakes, a clutch ( taught a teenage girl how to drive a stick ) plugs and a heater control valve, this has been a great vehicle. The best vehicle we have ever owned. I used it to commute, then my wife used it to commute, then we gave it to our teenage daughter. My daughter has hit or been hit more than once and it keeps trucking. Drove home this past weekend with coolant steaming all over. Dad somethings wrong with my truck. A new 17 dollar HCV and out she went. Admittedly she beats the crap out of it, but it has made thru highschool and 1/2 thru college. A really great truck.

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Base Ranger, Great Value

CA Ranger, 07/17/2002
XL 2dr Regular Cab (2.3L 4cyl 5A)
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2002 base Ranger a GREAT value. $8,988 sale price at Hayward Ford, Hayward CA ($13,175 sticker - 1,600 dealer discount -2,500 Ford rebate) $10,150 out the door. If it's reliable, should be a good deal.

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great little work truck /

Tom R, 02/13/2019
XL 2dr Regular Cab SB (3.0L 6cyl 5A)
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I bought my 2002 ford ranger xl regular cab 2wd used and never regreted it one day . I have the 3.0 V6 and have beefed up the back end to a 3/4 ton . I use a Loadhandler on the back and use it like a small dump truck . If I hear or feel a problem I fix it rite away but that doesn't happen often . I tow my boat , have pulled stumps . I have yard goods dumped into the back like pea stone and bark mulch . At 236,000 plus miles on it and still driving like the day I bought it . I will drive this thing till either the engine blows or the frame rots out . Living in NH I think the frame will go before the engine . It is my personal challange to have this truck till it's end . The only problem I have is my fat butt has killed the drivers seat ( my next project this spring ) As for 2WD in the snow . Leave the truck in the yard in the snow and let it fill up and that is your weight for traction then shovel it out the next day . I laugh at these New Englanders that spend all that extra money for a 4x4 that they really only use 4 times a year if we are lucky . Update 2/15/20 millage is over 260,000 now the frame has rotted out by the rear shackels at the end of the frame common in New England . I gave it to my nephew and he will pay the $700.00 to weld the back of the frame and will keep you updated on how high the mileage goes

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